Chanel Lipsticks

Lipsticks inspired by the charm of Coco Chanel, from the classic red to vibrant colors, to the nuances lighter and romantic: the make up perfect for an elegant and sensual woman.

Chanel Lipsticks

Beloved by many women Chanel is a luxury brand in the field of make-up women, who every season launches new collections from design and surprising finish: true collector’s items.

Among the most popular products ever shine the lipstick. The collection of lipsticks Chanel consists of 4 different lines: Rouge Allure Rouge Allure Velvet Rouge Coco Rouge Coco Shine.

Rouge Allure

The Rouge Allure is available in 22 different shades which predominate and dark red color with some hints of pink. These lipsticks offer a makeup result satin and extremely bright, ultra fine texture, dark and perfect seal. Guarded in his classic black case, the lipstick Rouge Allure reveals in a click all the power of color and femininity of the gesture. The lipsticks are soft and easy to apply and leaving your lips moisturized for a long time without drying.

Rouge Allure Velvet

This is the Chanel line matte effect created on the basis of classical Rouge Allure composed of 8 different shades . Rouge Allure Velvet is a bright lipstick and soft as velvet, as the lips of deep color effect mat intensely bright and offers all the hydration and comfort of a frosted lipstick. Its eight shades are enriched with mother of pearl polpvere giving different facets according to their temperament: The Fascinante, The raffinée, The Ravissante or The exuberant. The Rouge Allure Velvet have a full-color, full-bodied and long-lasting.

Rouge Coco

Like MAC Lipstick, there are 12 shades inspired by Mademoiselle Coco, who dress the lips of a texture soft and creamythat gives hydration for 8 consecutive hours thanks to Hydratendre complex, created by Chanel researchers. The line Rouge Coco consists of very pigmented lipsticks that offer coverage but, at the same time, a satin finish and bright on the lips, enclosed in an elegant pouch in black and gold metal. Elegant and bright shades of the range are easy to wear and their names tell the most intimate journey of Coco Chanel, places-worship, lucky jewels, the passions, the symbols. A true legend trip.

Rouge Coco Shine

With Rouge Coco Shine concludes the range of Chanel lipsticks. Qesto is a line from moisturizing texture that gives the lips a comfort without equal and an incredible natural brilliant effect that lasts for 8 hours thanks to Hydratendre overall softness of the Rouge Coco range secret. The shades of lipsticks ranging from white to bright red beige, lowering itself 18 colors. Also this time inomi nuances tell the Mademoiselle Chanel life, from his early successes to magical encounters.