Cheap High Waisted Treggings

To avoid the cries of frustration, I tell you IMMEDIATELY what a tregging: it’s a legging but less tight, more like a pair of pants. Except that waist and stretch in the fabric, so much more enjoyable to wear than pants.

It’s been a few years that it’s my uniform of spring, pants tight with a tunic top (chudidhar Western?), because neither too hot nor too cold, flattering to the figure (at least mine), pretty with any jacket in leather or in jean, and great comfort (ah yes, comfort of the clothes for me is very important, if it’s not comfort) “, I’m not wearing).

This one comes from Castaluna and since I have (in black and khaki) I wear all the time, it is insane.
I have tried quite a treggings (packed with this one) with the leggings matching tips from Findjobdescriptions, well it’s rare that’s damn good: often the belt is poorly thought and lose his pants as soon as you sit, thank you very much.
It is nickel, casting just where it should be but not downstairs so it looks real pants (it’s the cotton with a bit of stretch canvas), and the top is perfect, adjusted stack poile everything to breathe or eat (which is not the case with many pants).

And it’s not even expensive. I say, that you ask?