Cheap Tally Weijl

All of the new catalog of the low cost brand Tally Weijl, with autumn-winter 2013-2014 and spring-summer 2014. For an entire season super cool!

Com’è not il brand low cost Tally Weijl

All we know the well-known Swiss brand Women  Tally Weijl.
This low cost brand, founded in 1984,  is aimed more at young audiences, mainly always fashionable and conscious girls to all the latest trends of the season.

The company was founded by Tally-Weijl Elfassi with Beat Grüring; hence the birth of the store name. Elfassi Tally-Weijl, passionate young girl fashion, early in his career he began selling its first leaders in some small boutique in Switzerland. But only after a few years, notably in 1987, he was finally inaugurated the first official store of the brand in Fribourg, Switzerland.

The first franchise outlets were opened in 1993 and from there to this day, the young company was a great success. Hence the expansion in Europe and around the world.Germany, France to Paris, Italy with Milan until arriving in Russia and China.

Always Tally Weijl has a minimal style and very colorful suitable for any season, as well as in recent years and especially in the new catalog 2014, with the collection autumn-winter 2013-2014 and the collection spring-summer 2014.
For both new lines the brand has comfortable and versatile leaders, all mixable with each other, suitable for any young fashionista, both with a casual yet glamorous, or for girls and women who feel more “aggressive” with a style that tends to rock super-chic but with a feminine touch.

This year there are many innovations, especially where not lack originality, not only for the many clothing, but also for all accessories. From shoes, to bags to hats.

Tally Weijl Catalogue 2014

The trends this year are very followed and loved by all and Tally Weijl reinterprets them in his collections with fashion combinations, creating a very trendy look and flawless, to be worn at any time of day and on any occasion that requires it. We see all the prints, colors, fabrics and accessories inevitable for this season 2014, to have in our wardrobe.

Tally Weijl Fall-Winter 2013-2014

For the cold season the collection that offers the brand is a set of styles, such as rock, where they are offered mainly in all-black outfits, and casual chic, perfect to wear throughout the day.
The most used clothing are leggings, simple and plain or with any original fantasy, such as the Baroque. Impossible now not to have in the wardrobe skinny jeans with different colors, skirts the Scottish press, and blacks clothes with golden details to wear on social occasions.

The fabric most commonly used in the winter collection is the skin, reported in trendy shorts for the cold season, skirts, leggings, jackets and vest with studded details.
Everything is combined with sweatshirts, sweaters, denim shirts and patterned tartan .

Tally Weijl primavera-estate 2014

And not to see us unprepared with the trends and all must have, here is a catalog for the hot season: some leaders already there we can already find in the store.
Most of the looks are from sporty chic style, comfortable and practical. The protagonist fabric for this year is the denim, to wear with the total look denim on denim or dungarees, but we also find individually wearable garments.
For girls who want to dare, you can opt for the crop-top, to match with skirts and high-waisted trousers for a chic look or just with jeans and high heels.
for the evening Tally Weijl proposes minimal clothing, especially in the black color, which we can easily embellish with glamorous accessories and match on her shoulders in a jacket skin with details.

The must-have accessory

To complete any outfit, we “necessarily” need of must-have accessories of the season: shoes with or without heels, handbags and jewelry to brighten our look.
The models of bags that we find are: shoulder, backpacks with various trendy prints, top boxes and clutches for the evening.
Inevitable in the collection of the ankle boots with heels, but we also find the simple, colorful sneakers, studded with all details, and finally the amphibians, the most popular model of the moment.

The trendy leggings for winter

The leggings this year as well as being indispensable in the coldest days, are also very trendy.Tally Weijl matches leggings in almost every look, creating a nice contrast, both the delicate clothes that with lace leggings and shorts. It is definitely the perfect accessory to bring up any outfit with several very chic styles, original and as cool.