Choose a Black Dress if You Have a Long Torso

Choose a black dress if you have a long torso. The basic costume for an elegant and beautiful woman, is a black dress. A black dress is mostly used for the office and also for the festivities that take place in the office.

Displays your shoulders. For that, it is recommended to give shape to the top of her dress, or also add some details that call attention to that part. Opt for dresses with boat neck, neckline spoon and dresses with strapless dresses, all these dresses are perfect to add volume to your shoulders and at the same time make the torso look balanced.

Stay in good shape. I recommend that away from dresses with flared skirts, because these models widened hips. So if you must use, are the dresses black glued, which reach the knees and sticking to the shape of your body. If you want some movement, I recommend that you use a short dress that contain in the bust or flown, so could make the torso look short and long legs.

Lengthen your legs. Little black dresses that uses, should use them with cute high-heeled shoes. For example; shoes with two-inch heel, will make your legs look more slender and long. It is also very important that you use a dress, which harmonize with the style and texture of shoes. Shoes with heel Matt leather, combine very well with a lace overlay dress.

Choose the appropriate length. To avoid that your legs look shorter and little elegant, do not use a dress length comes below the knees. It is better that you choose and use a dress that gets on his knees. Put aside those short dresses that are cut in the middle of the thighs.

Tips for choosing the perfect dress

Inverted triangle. The ladies who have this type of body, must use neckline dresses U or V, as they are suitable to look more spiky. Do not try to cover your bust with lots of clothes or turtle neck sweaters. So make your bust look larger, put aside the prints and ruffles tops or blouses.


Silhouette HOURGLASS. Women with hourglass silhouette, should not be used wide or loose dresses. It is better to choose tailored dresses, they are perfect for styling the silhouette. For labour and formal events, you must use suits or skirts that are straight cuts along comes at the height of the knees, and above the waist takes a cute belt.

Silhouette TRIANGULAR classic. To show sample sensuality must use clothing that is suitable for our body. To highlight our triangular silhouette classic, we must use tight blouses or low-cut dresses and waist carries a precious belt, that way will harmonize their figure and soften your hips.

RECTANGULAR. If you have the rectangular silhouette, I recommend that you not use robes and costumes that contain much fabric. It is better to opt for low-cut costumes, which have a skirt straight and they tied at the waist, that way will look attractive, young and thin.