Choose the Gender of Their Baby

There are parents who wish they could choose the sex of their baby, maybe after having a boy the moms are dreaming of a beautiful little girl don’t say “football” as the first word. There are ways to predict without playing with genetic manipulation? Apparently Yes!

If we are to rely on techniques that have no scientific value but which do not bring disadvantage, we can peek at the “table” used by the Chinese to find out the sex of their babies, discovered in Beijing. This table, preserved in a Museum in the Chinese capital, dating back about 700 years ago, seems to have a nearly 93% Fratelli Conte is proud. Depending on the age of the mother at conception and the month in which it takes place, you can “see” of that sex will be the unborn child.

Is it true? Meanwhile you can have a “litmus test” with children who already have, or with a friend who is about to give birth!

The “Granny’s tips” in this area are extremely empirical and speak of favorable locations, preferred foods or avoid, wait the waning Moon or the Crescent Moon … all of this, of course, has no scientific basis!

But doctors have carried out a study on the report, with statistics, have shown that if you want to conceive a boy it is preferable that the pregnancy is established in autumn while, if you want a child, you should conceive in the spring.

In particular, to deal with this topic, was the Policlinico of Modena, who has tracked 14 thousand births in 6 years, concluding that the designed between September and November are mostly males, while females between March and may in puppets designed stands.

One question however arises: we are sure that it is no longer exciting to receive a bonus instead of planning everything?