Choose the Most Flattering Dress According to Your Figure

Choose the dress more flattering according to your figure. The skintight dresses are not appropriate for women who have the cylinder body. This body type is characterized by a straight figure, a very small waist and almost no curves.

So it is recommended to women with body cylinder, always dresses that are loose, ruffled dresses and dresses that provide volume, try the dresses to wear, to have something marked waist.

If the upper part of your body is thinner than your hips, it is because you have the hood body. Dresses that fit in the trunk and mark the waist is recommended for this type of body. Women with hood body, can use any neckline wishing. Dresses with flight or A court, are more favorable than the tube dresses.

Women have hourglass body are very fortunate, because they can use any kind of dresses that like. But, the more favorable are the dresses with flight, dresses strapless with flight and designs halter dresses.

If your problem is your stature. The most recommended that you avoid using are long dresses that reach the floor. This design dresses shrinks figure.

If you’re a woman who has rellenitos, wide arms. You must not use the dress word of honor, since this cleavage makes arms look more thick; Another cleavage that you does not favor is the asymmetric necklines and halter. The most advisable for you are the dresses carrying wide handles and having manguitas.

For those with little breast. Dresses with necklines that have ruffles and beadwork, are indicated for the girls of little chest. Others who would be great are the asymmetrical and Word of honor, also can choose the necklines more spoken, as it is the neckline in V.

For those with much chest. For them, they are perfect, discrete necklines and have many ornaments. It is best to avoid dresses with cuts rule and the word of honour.

Keep in mind the length of the dress. By tag celebrations, especially weddings, if they are made from day one attends them with short dress and if it is evening long dress. Eye, when we say short, it does not teach the legs too much, do not overdo the short and worse if not you favors, prevents this excessive especially for parties of graduations, religious and academic events.

If the party to which you are going to attend an event in graduation or something so and required you attend very elegant, then the best option is a short dress, but the length that reaches above the knees.

The patterns and colors of the dresses. In what refers to colours and patterns of party dresses, this season is that she scratches the colors intense as emerald green, yellow fluor, fuchsia, orange and red; These colors apart from being fashion are also very flattering.

For parties are allowed all colors except for black and white in a wedding, is not recommended to attend a baptism, beach parties or very summer festivals, all-black. Insofar as it concerns the dresses with prints, they are very popular Oriental, ethnic print and the geometric, as it can be the checkerboard.