Choosing the Right Sports Bra

For any sport, good equipment is essential. One thinks of the shoes and clothes, but some women sometimes forget one of the most important parts of their holding of sports: the bra! Whatever the size of your breasts, it must be adapted to your sport.

Choosing the Right Sports Bra

The utility sports bra

The breasts are not supported by any muscle. The race and the turmoil it causes can cause pain. In addition to these pains, sport without suitable bra can cause breast ptosis, that is to say the sagging of your breasts.

The sports bra specificities

The structure of the bra is much more suited to larger cup sizes (above the caps C) with its depth cap and its largest holding.

It is divided by size using conventional criteria bras and perfectly hugs your forms and your body.

It is generally adjusted to better fit your shoulders. Anita , leading brand of high-level athletes for sports bra, for example, offers models with reinforced shoulders to ensure your comfort.

The lifespan of a bra in regular use is about 1 year.

Choose sports bra

A bra or sports bra fulfill two main tasks: maintain the breasts and absorb shocks. They must obviously have adjustable straps. However, ban models whales or seams. This will avoid irritation.

In most cases, they are equipped with a broadband under the breasts, which provides good support.In the back-usually way “racer back” – the fabric must be elastic. To find a template, go to a store specializing in the sale of sporting goods. And if possible, try models based course you on your usual size. ” Lean forward so that the breasts well take their place,” recommends even Delore Michel in his book Jogging for my well-being. For the budget, count between 30 and 50 euros.

Maintenance for your sport bras

-Different levels of maintenance

To choose your colorful sports bras, consider the support you need according to your practice:

  • A very high maintenance is required for high-impact activities such as trail running, jumping rope, extreme sports …
  • A high maintenance is recommended for activities in point impacts such as mountain biking, fitness, Nordic walking, trekking, climbing or skiing …
  • A medium support is sufficient for more gentle activities such as walking, yoga, …

– The suspenders sports bra

The straps X or Y offer excellent support and have the advantage not to slip on your shoulders. The “racerback” cut provides great freedom of movement.

Now you know why it is important to be equipped with a bra or sports bra.

Just like a good pair of shoes will protect your joints and you will avoid many injuries or even abandoning your favorite sport, a good bra will preserve and protect your breasts bruises, irritations and other deformations.

Now you can comfortably walk, run, climb, slide and preserve your chest!