Clean up Fashion

Greenpeace fashion show in Paris with this slogan Clean up fashion!

The fashion week in Paris has been targeted by Greenpeace, as well as it does against the Japanese whalers or against the producers of sumptuous fur.
Then we can say that many of us feel ecologists, just because no harpoon a whale or throw oil at sea or why not kill ruthlessly seals and foxes… it’s easy to think so… when it is “off the mark.”

In fact you have to do a little soul-searching, thinking and thinking and thinking again…. actually we do worse… !!!!

Did you know that:

The beautiful of “designer” shopper card, some make it an “enviable” esibendole collection as if they were trophies, self-congratulatory testimony of a purchase from Chanel, Tiffany, Prada….and then? They are used to put in lunch to take with to the office, the shopping, the ridiculous bottle of water that eliminates water … Everything fruit of graphic creation and deforestation concealed. Costing little is commissioned to Asian companies that have no restrictions and regulations to be complied with, in terms of acquisition of raw materials. The packaging beautiful word in this case it is synonymous of ‘extinction of the Sumatra tiger !!! And’ appropriate to say … poor paper tiger!

Moving on… not everyone knows that:

Most of the clothing is not biodegradable and the toxic substances that are used to fix the color, to make a vintage jeans or faded, are all discharged in the rivers of China and Messico.Il our world is becoming black color only the populations that inhabit those places compromising their water and exposing them to health risks large resources.

In short, to wash jeans will happen at the end we could not wash us!

Lose more not everyone knows that:
The much acclaimed ecological leathers are nothing more than a cluster of oil and toxic dyes chrome that propinano instead of skin. Banditissimi!

Do not call them Ecopelle! And Grim synthetic junk that echo zero discharge !!!
Just go into a shop by crazy prices and feel a strange nauseating smell …

know that is not the Mac Donald in front….

datevela legs are breathing in toxins… nothing but fried chicken!

And still not everyone knows that:
The Amazonian forests are burned to allow the breeding of livestock in order to obtain the skin.
Those beautiful shoes, leather bags and belts that mimic some famous brand, and that strangely cost little or nothing,

they smell the blood of so many poor animals bred in mass only to be massacred.


Well ….

You do not even hide skeletons in the closet and ask yourself rather whether the famous skull drawn,

studded, strassato, now put anywhere, it was not a subliminal message, namely that we have agreed to bring unknowingly on T-shirts,

shoes, bags, the witness, the sense of what the fashion industry is doing to our planet!

“Fashion is a trend only if it costs nothing to our Planet”