Collected Step by Step Hairstyles

When you have an important event or want to fix your hair a little more than normal, the hairstyles collected they are the best choice, and although they can appear complicated to make, it is the opposite, so here are some ideas to give them easily.

Queue with Mono

This hairstyle is super simple to make, is also practical and cute, perfect for going to college or go out with friends. You can do it with hair short or long.

Collected with Torcidos

If you’re a girl casual that you like the hairstyles easily and fast, this is perfect for you, just do a ponytail, slide a little league and divide the queue in two and begin to twist the hair, then fixed it with pins, and ready.

Collected romantic

For a romantic date or a formal party, this up-do hairstyle is the best choice. It goes very well with a flirty dress and to make it so only you have to slightly curl the hair and pick up side with pins.

Collected Greek style

For women with curly hair, this Greek-style hairstyle a breeze, just hold it with a hair League start to pick it up by sections to create a carefree monkey,

With braids

Divide your hair into three sections, two in front and one behind, get a Plait of three capes in each of the sections and roll back braid and then joins the two front, you can give it a more Bohemian, if you leave a little bit of hair down to the front and have a with braids.

With braid and Mono

Hairstyles with braids They are still the favorite of many women, that is why this collected you will love, performed a root braid at the top of your head and take it to one side, with the rest of the hair get a monkey ballerina and ready. You can use a donuts so the monkey is perfect.

Collected with front braid

For the girl with a free and carefree style, this hairstyle is ideal, divide your hair in half and make a braid with each of part them, crosses both braids in front and fastened with pins.

Picked up French style

This is a most elegant hairstyle that seems to be more elaborate but is actually very easy to make, you can wear it at a party or even at work and is perfect for curly hair and the straight, you only have to do a ponytail, slides a little league and begins to introduce all the hair in that space and fixed with pins.

Collected for short hair

Do you think that having short hair these hairstyles are not for you? Because you are wrong, this hairstyle for short hair is perfect to change your style, you only have to make two braids from root to the front (one on each side) a monkey of dancer in the back and then join braids.

Ponytail with braid

This hairstyle is elegant and sophisticated, you harp look good on all occasions also can wear it at a party, at work or at school, since your outfit will define the occasion.

Select a hairstyle that best goes with your personality and the occasion that you want to wear it, the options are varied and you can give it your personal touch with your outfit.