Colorful Football Boots

Football during the 2014 World Cup matches will be played in Brazil stands out. Football manufacturers have done their best to make eye-catching shoes and tie the celebrities having to play in the World Cup. They succeeded. The shoes are bright yellow, bright green or bright pink, combining different colors and some players wearing two different color shoes left and right foot.

Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro


The football in the football celebrities become more striking and sensitive way. It is a spectacle of colors, sprinkled in Brazil from the fields. The shoes emphasizes personality of the players on the pitch, the players use the shoes to protrude. The shirt, shorts and socks though, but the shoes are a personal item. Players can choose between a shoe that fits their style of play and the big guys get a shoe that is written on her body. Some can even bind their initials or name to the type name of the kicks. The biggest players can express their preference for color, but for most, it is that they choose from the offer. Football has become an important accessory.

Stand out

Where former football players wore black shoes, Copa Mundial have example started in the seventies by insisting that you could distinguish your foot wear. The Danish shoe brand Hummel came with white shoes and retired top players Alan Barr Jr. Arsenal to introduce them. When it turned out that they had no shoes to fit Barr, were they so far that they just pretended he was wearing Hummel shoes and colored his black Adidas shoes white. It added Hummel. Where, in the days after the match that Barr was wearing white shoes sold more than 12,000 pairs of white Hummels.


In the years after the directive was black, but producers had appetite for variety. More and more games were TELEVISED and manufacturers saw an opportunity to differentiate themselves, for themselves and for the players. Shoe manufacture are developed further and there were materials available that allowed more variety. With new manufacturing technologies was beautiful variations on a theme. More and more international players will join with a soccer ball manufacturers to put their mark on the shoe of their choice.


During the football World Cup in Brazil sparkles to your eyes. The most vivid colors overshoot. All reputable manufacturers football used the new techniques, materials and colors.
Nike and Adidas shoes come with knits. Adidas ‘ gliding while the black and white camouflage press forward. Umbro Unveils Woven shoes and Puma surprised with a pink and blue right left shoe. The players of Brazil’s black grass walk is the player who most stands out.
Some players swear by totally black shoes, called blackouter. Even players who do not have a sponsor has its shoes black to anonymize them so. They don’t want to advertise for a facility that is not their sponsor.
Adidas Rainbow
Nike Schoensok


One of the trends that can be seen in the Brazilian regions, the two pairs of Puma. Several players have attracted the right pink and blue left shoe. Power outages and white outs are also weather trends.Popular shoes taken from range come back as a blackout or whiteout Edition and thus get a new life and are often immediately collectible.


Nike is sponsoring several teams and a large number of countries. Netherlands also sponsored by clothing. Nike introduced for the World Cup in Brazil Magista, a shoe that looks like a sock. Andrés Iniesta Spain presented Magista in Barcelona ahead of the World Cup. Nike has announced that the shoe is made for offensive players. The Ctr360 attackers have optimal sense. The German Mario Götze schoensok tested and told that he did not feel when worn. Schoensok at the World Championships for the first time, is available to more players.

Pink and blue

PUMA strict several big names to advertise the pink and blue shoes. “The right is pink, left is blue” is the new motto of the Puma.
Among other Mario Balotelli in Italy makes its appearance in pink and blue to your toes, Puma evoSPEED 1.2. He plays in the WORLD CUP effective with shoes from Puma. The German sports brand to the bold design of the traditional football culture plunge and attention with nice colors and banter of two different colors in a single pair. Not only Mario Balotelli, but Cesc Fabregas, Sergio Agüero, Marco Reus, Yaya Touré and Radamel Falcao kicks off in Brazil in pink and blue. Goalkeeper variant is a pink left glove and a blue right glove.
PUMA during the World Cup in Brazil clothing sponsors from Italy, Switzerland, Uruguay, Chile, Algeria, Ivory Coast, Cameroon and Ghana. They play in the Puma shirts. PUMA in Brazil, but steals the show with her shoe, Puma evoSPEED 1.2 and evoPOWER.


It is obvious that black has given way to color, when it comes to the grass. Soccer is played with colorful shoes, as must stand out as much as possible. Not only during the football World Cup in Brazil, but also on amateur fields increasingly at-colored shoes.
PUMA EcoSpeed 1.2
Adidas Predator
F50 Adizero Messi boat


Greenpeace blows the whistle on modern shoes. Among other things, Adidas use highly toxic chemicals in the production of footwear. The chemicals are harmful to nature, says Greenpeace. The nature the Organization examined the clothes bearing the Dutch players in Brazil. Greenpeace wearing Orange, a warm heart and desire good results in Brazil, but wear clothes and shoes that are manufactured with toxic chemicals, the organization actually takes an own goal.
The MATHGENERAL.COM did research on toxins in football boots and goalkeeper gloves of several brands, national t-shirts and Adidas World Cup football Brazuca.


Alarmingly, this concept fits the concentration of chemicals that have been found, what Greenpeace concerned.

Adidas Predator football boots is the orange star football player. In these shoes is large amounts of PFC?? s, which seriously affect the endocrine, immune system and possibly carcinogenic. Dutch and other top players Lionel Messi wearing adizero F50 soccer shoes, which are also toxic. Adidas used unhealthy substances in industry, but also Nike and Puma use concentrations of chemicals that are not good for the players, the nature and the non-footballing man. Manufacturers should stop polluting the water and poison the Earth for the benefit of coloured football boots and record profits.