Comfortable and Fashionable Sneakers

This winter, put your heels and pull out your most beautiful sneakers!

Who said that fashion is synonymous with discomfort, or rather not-comfort? We often hear from fashion guru what is comfortable is definitely not trendy. But that’s not true at all! The tasteful, bon ton, classic style are part of one world, but all that is trendy, so hip, is dictated by the road. Never heard of it, in fact, street style?

Around the larger cities, especially during the days of fashion week, you see of all kinds. Of course, not all that we propose is to take as inspiration dictates but yes you can. This winter there is a new trend that seems to be the boss and is about the shoes. Are you tired of walking tall shoes, with stilts preposterous? Do you want to hang out with our feet on the ground? This winter the wheel turns in your favor because back in fashion the sneakers to wear not only to go to the gym but also for formal outputs!

Mind you don’t match the sneakers in case because it goes well the trend but a modicum of taste it takes forever. And if the fashion bloggers combined with bon ton of trainers multicolor minidress and fluo does not mean you need to too. Having said that, moving on, and we discover together what are the coolest models this season.

The top has always been represented by Nike, which has very minimal racing shoes and especially read, they seem to be really a must in the world of fashion bloggers. We propose in yellow fluo. What do you think, too risky?

The 80s between these new looks, they look really impressive and so why not choose the comfortable sneakers multicolor they evoke? This model is from Asics, and if you really don’t feel like match them up in a long dress, how recently did Kristen Stewart, at least use them for a run!

And yet for the series ‘long live the 80s’, here are some sneakers emerald green with white bands and Fuchsia details of renowned brand Reebok.

Among the latest proposals for the season, a little less sporty, there’s some limited version edition sneakers designed by Bensimon. The classic sneaker is revisited and dressed in metallic leather with suede inserts blue, gold and brown.

Don’t miss the cheap version models that mimic those of the great designers, like these black with gold stripe of H & M, or the many sneakers wedges (wedge), which you can find in almost all shoe stores.