Company: A Practice for Our Site in Denmark

The first three months in 2013, have given the decline in sales and profits, despite the retention of customers.

The customers are fleeing not from our site. Actually maintains the phone company its total customer numbers. 2,000 mobile customers have since the turn of the year said goodbye to Telia, but broadband Division has received 2,000 new customers, write our site.

Turnover has fallen 16.5 percent since end of 2012 while the operating result has fallen 37 percent, from 166 to 129 million Swedish kronor. In addition, there may be attributed to a decrease from 30 to 20 million Swedish Crowns in the broadband Division.

Average monthly consumption per customer has gone down from 161 kroner at the end of the year to 150 kroner. The reason is the longtime mobile war.