Complete Guide to Doors: Models, Installation Tips and Inspirations

Choosing the right functional elements for every home environment is critical to the final project to work, both in the technical aspects and the visual aspects.

The doors, for example, are important parts to make the connection between the rooms and are primarily responsible for ensuring privacy. To choose which is the ideal door for your project, you should take into consideration factors such as available space, external or internal environment or which style you want to give to your home.

For this, the website tells various types of doors and in which room of the house each of them may be installed.

Opening Door 

It is the conventional model of the online market, the doors to open and use stop hinge structure. It requires minimal space for installation, since the movement of the door opening projects into the room.

Models with reforested wood massive plates are the most recommended for apartments and houses interiors which are durable and emit almost no noise. They can be installed in bedrooms, bathrooms and TV rooms.

Pivoting Door

With a modern and impressive design, the pivot model uses the pivot as operating mechanism: a type of pin that, when installed, regulates the opening of the door leaf while half which turns into the other section is design out.

Ideally, the range of installation has at least 90 centimeters. Although there is space saving, since half of the part is on the outside, doors are wide and require space to achieve the desired effect.

Models are easy to install and give a refined air to the house. They are ideal for gateway, giving a great first impression for visitors. But in this case, be aware of the work piece material: it is important that it is resistant to moisture, sun and weather in general.

Folding Door

They are ideal for compact environments that require space-saving. This is because its opening movement is by means of rails and causes the door leaf to retract to the other end of the span, or without taking space on the inside nor the outside of the room.

Installation is practical and extremely functional, which is recommended for areas like kitchens, toilets, service areas and dispensations.

Running Door 

As the accordion model, the sliding doors also run through trails card slip. They save space and can give a sophisticated and modern air to the environment according to this shopping index.

Balconies, bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens or bathrooms: sliding doors are easy to install and can be applied in almost all the rooms in the house. Here you will find a complete guide with tips and inspirations to enter sliding doors in your project.

Hinged Door or Door Shrimp

The hinged door is also an excellent choice for environments with limited space. This because a door leaf bends over the other in its opening movement, causing the piece to collect all the side. Generally draw on rails in the upper range.

It is ideal for subdividing environments. So they are efficient to separate dining rooms to living rooms, toilets or bathrooms. They can also be used on balconies or to separate the kitchen service area.

Invisible Door

The Eclisse launched a line of invisible doors, combining technology, modernity and functionality. The idea is that the door sheet is embedded in the wall when open and thus disappear within the structure of the house.

The structures of the doors can be inserted into drywall or masonry systems and favoring minimal visual environment. In addition to economise space, invisible doors do not cause any kind of visual pollution, allowing your project to work with the rest of the decor. You can read more about this innovative project here.

Remove Dispensable Doors

Environmental circulation area is key to the house has light and does not seem tumultuous.Moreover, it is important that the air flow is constant. So an idea to improve communication between the environments of their home is removing dispensable doors.

Integrating environments can be a good idea to make your space appear larger than it really is, as the main barrier between one room and another has ceased to exist.