Configure Hi GPRS

The Hi for some reason does not publish on its website the settings of GPRS, WAP, 3 g and everything else necessary to make customers happy. If such information exists are not so easy or obvious to find, much less indexed by search engines. I’ve had to spend a lot of time in meeting the operators to set up my 3 g on your mobile phone. Imagine if all this time with customer service was saved, and the operator to invest in a site with tips for smartphones. For now, I’m going to our readers the GPRS settings from Hi I could find.

How to Find Out the Settings for GPRS from HI?

I tried to figure out how to set up 3 g on Hi. It was the first chapter of a long and tortuous saga to find the GPRS configuration information Hi. While trying to configure 3 g tried a few settings that I found and my phone is running GPRS, in the city of Belo Horizonte.

GPRS Settings of Hi

I made these settings in Motorola Milestone and the GPRS is working normally. When I was configuring my Galaxy Note 2, had to do the same procedure for manual configuration. The second time I switched carriers, the configuration was performed automatically without me having to do anything manually. It was enough to put the chip in the device to receive a message from the operator with the automatic settings.

You had a hard time getting the GPRS configuration for your carrier? The comments below this space open to all our readers to share the GPRS configuration information. Even though most modern appliances don’t need these manual settings So disclose such settings in the comments below to make life easier for everyone!