Contemporary Chandelier Houzz

A modern chandelier, light and decoration contemporary, very used in the interiors of rich decorators. FAKE! A modern chandelier doesn’t have to be expensive and inaccessible. Do you want a lounge or a worthy dining and majestic all respecting the modern decoration of your home? Indulge in this light fixture design that becomes accessible to the general public!

Contemporary Chandelier Houzz

Modern chandelier: A decorative luminaire 2016

If you want to stand out from friends, families and neighbours, impress them with unusual decoration, coming straight from the senior community. Expose a modern chandelier in her living room, is a great way to improve not only its interior decoration, but also the lighting in your home.

A crystal chandelier with led rings, such as the picture above, is modular.It is possible to adjust the angle of inclination of each ring and so play with the play of light and on the design of the fixture. This large chandelier will arouse so much admiration on the part of your guests and will improve your quality of life.

A lighting design 2016 uses a lot of the LED technology. Indeed, the LED bulbs are designed to last about 30 years. At the ecological level, the technology of consumes almost nothing (8 times less than traditional incandescent light bulbs Edison to filaments). With the ability to change color and be remote, the LED bulb is a modern bulb which embeds in a chandelier design and modern chandelier.

A wide range of modern ceiling light chandelier

There are several types of modern chandelier: ceiling light, chandelier pendants, hanging chandelier… but each has a design and different materials.

The chandeliers in the baroque style and even Haussmann can also be compared as a modern chandelier. Not by its design with a bow and tassels of Crystal frame, but rather by little nuances. The chandelier above consists of chrome: a modern, stainless, metal alloy that allows a mirror effect very charming. In addition, the used bulbs are also led. One more point to bring this chandelier design rustic to modern.

But you may want something much more contemporary or futuristic?

Here’s a chandelier perfect for modern interiors. The typical black color would agree with all the furniture in your home in the same tone. For an environment very modern and who throws, dare to black, gray and white.

A modern chandelier for the general public

Although stars and the rich love high-quality, bright, modern and imposing luminaires, it is now possible to opt for a chandelier at home, very affordable.

At SONGAAH, you will find songs and lyrics as well as a wide selection of ceiling lights, chandelier design, chandelier modern and any kind of light at very affordable prices and of excellent quality.

Also, installing a modern chandelier in your home, whether for a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, or a room, each chandelier finds its space.

For the kitchen, dare the industrial style with a gloss black color with shade metal suspension. If you want an immersion in the modern while maintaining a very small part of baroque, take the Matane chandelier 8 arms, glass and stainless steel.

Your turn…

Everyone has different tastes, but each chandelier can match a person.Choose the fixture carefully if you want a modern and chic décor.