Copy of Famous Brands

Recognize a true by an imitation piece is stuff for experts:counting the diamond pattern on the back of a Chanel 2.55, check the seams of a Louis Vuitton trunk or recognize the fake pearl earrings from the reflection, are some of the “tricks” of the trade that those who work in the fashion industry knows almost as if they were the 10 commandments, or that the world of propina network as the Bible to avoid disappointments when you buy online.

First rule for an insider? Never buy an imitation. Yet the counterfeit market is growing with each passing year: in 2013, in America , the state has seized fake goods for nearly $ 2 billion. So significant damage to companies. And, although it is hard to believe, often those working in the field you are captivated by a so-called knock-off , a perfect copy of the original. The reason? The price, of course. Sometimes priorities are others, other times we realize that the work in fashion does not necessarily mean profits soared.

Luxury brands such as Louis Vuitton, Burberry and Hermès, however, are among those most involved in the fight against fake and were involved in court cases against companies that had shamelessly copied their products.
The most striking example is surely the dispute between Vuitton and eBay that, in 2008, had to compensate the French fashion house for 38.6 million euro. Since then the online market giant-and one of the sites where it is easier to find imitations of the big brands -has started a partnership with the CFDA for the campaign “You Can not Fake Fashion” (You can not fake fashion) with l ‘ aims to educate customers about the risks of buying fake goods.

With the emergence of low cost and high street brands, however, the situation has changed: no longer such a stir wearing an imitation because brands like Zara or Topshop continually reproduce pieces that come from the catwalks.
Remember the question Zara / Moschino? Mr. Zara will have been aware that the sweatshirt inspired by Barbie was, in fact, a copy of that of Jeremy Scott? We bet so! This is useful, however, for those who, for economic reasons or otherwise, can not buy (or will not) heads of luxury, but it can proudly show off similar pieces, impact and cost much less (which are appreciated-sometimes amazement-even by those who juggles in the fashion world).

And what do you think? You are among those who abhor the false or purchased with an imitation pleasure found in a low-cost fashion retailer, online or maybe at the market?