Corset Fetish

For the real fans and corset fetishist nothing beats the ritual to be constricted. Here applies a set of rules that are less important for lay people because they carry the corset rather than elegant shell because of massive forming.


Carry the corset never directly on the skin. When backing suitable light cotton undershirts or special, very thin sub bodice. This provides the wearer several advantages. First, the cords to slide on the fabric more easily than on the bare skin, yet this is spared. Also not unimportant: The corset is kept clean and should be rarely subjected to the delicate cleaning. In addition, through to the lacing resulting skin folds are pulled smooth.

Before lacing the promoter should thoroughly prepare for wearing the corset. Treated before lacing all covered by the corset skin very generous with baby powder. So you protect the damaged skin. To prevent dry skin, you can watch also about 30min lotion before powdering.

As with necking Only now you draw the lacing on the extent that you can create the corset easily and hook the front and it is loose. Moves and prefers now until the most comfortable for you position is reached. Kneel you then myself from a bed and puts the upper body relaxed on the bed. The arms stretched Your ideally far forward, causing the rib cage is lifted. In this position, the actual strings, the best your partner or another person accepts begins. For some couples have the hereinafter described ritual of lacing does have a certain erotic charm.

On the first pass, it is important that is still laced completely without power. The cords are only slightly tensed and then streamlined from top and bottom toward the center. The waist still retains its natural scope. If the cords lie, you can seat of the upper part again correct.
It is followed by several passages by the described pattern, the waist now step by step each about 1cm is reduced. Executes after each pass through the above-mentioned adjustment procedure. This may also include a moderate Since then and Prevention. Finally, you can put together a little stronger by a brief pull both string couples the waist region. This balances the Nachgleiten the cords during or after zuknoten. Knotted after the string ends.

A brief pause you should appeal when you feel a slight discomfort feeling. After a certain reduction of volume (eg 5 cm) you should have a longer break. Moves you in this break and goes way of your normal daily occupation. The length of the pause is based around the easing of tightness feeling. The breaks can therefore be very different. Some women reach only five minutes, others take half an hour or more.

Take after the break the strapping position again and sets the constriction proceeds to the above scheme. Knotted cords conclusion so that they can not solve. Opportunity for a graduation would be a double loop, depending on the string rest. But you can tie around the waist or run from back to front and stuck under the upper edge of the front closure and the ends.

Sits the corset as desired, you can proceed to eliminate the resulting under the corset folds of skin and the shirt. Holds the shirt with both hands and tightens it in all directions with little train movements. This kind of streamlining eliminates wrinkles in the shirt, the resulting movements eliminate the wrinkles in the skin when it is carried out at several points around the corset. Special attention you should place here on the area under the laces and the side waist region.

If you invest the corset in this way like slimming shapewear and constricted, you gain a very good basis for a long-lasting comfort. For long wear times but the tightening should be repeated more often, but at least once a day.

Bear permanent does not mean that you wear the corset longer time, day and night, continuously. It is advisable in any case, once lay the corset day and to care for the skin and apply cream again and powdering. Thus prevents your skin damage and can also enjoy the feel permanently.