Craft Wall Clocks

Why choose a traditional clock?

Indeed, one might ask. We could choose the ease and take the first coming clock in any of the food distribution chain in DIY through all the decoration franchises. Well I’ll try to convince you not to do so and seek artisanal quality wall clock

Choose a craft clock for the quality of its finishes and its components

A craft clock, like any craft product, handmade happened just in the hands of the craftsman . All craft clocks were checked and validated and their engine. In addition, a craftsman sell little and thus heal the products it sells and its customers. That’s his job, he applies and therefore you will have a perfect product, well done.

The engines of all my craft clocks are purchased in Germany. We have unfortunately more companies of this style in France (bring you to the next title of my article: French craftsmanship work). So at least one European and the product made in Germany is more to brag about. These engines are completely silent without ticking and are reliable over time. For over 13 years my company I use is same brand (also used by many watchmakers). I even reviewing a client who changes wall clock as it changes its decoration but its engine still running.

A craft clock to its original design

And the term original design makes sense here. It can get out of the ordinary but even if it remains in the trend in fashion, it will never be the same as that sold by the thousands in supermarkets. You will have a unique decoration or at least little view and this  craft clock will give your interior cachet and quality.

A craft clock can be customized

As I make them all, I can paint the color you please, for it contact me and tell me what you want. No extra charge, just a little time to make just for you real craft clock

Choose a craft clock work to French craftsmanship.

Buy a homemade clock may become a political act in at least one act of citizenship. At a time when we talk about relocation, French industrial desert, mass unemployment, why not react and try to buy French . A small artisan is on, does not happen in any other country, this traditional spoon clock is manufactured here ( in France with French staff and it is good for our economy.

Buy a homemade clock is not more than another clock

Of course all these fine resolutions must be currently unsustainable when our finances are low and have to be careful with spending.

Buy a homemade clock less than 30 €

Well, all my clocks are sales at 29 €. This is largely the market price and a higher quality than factory-made at the other end of the world and for various reasons:

  • Quality finishes
  • Quality and reliable engine completely silent
  • No advertising or communication agency. This site is me Cécile managing it.

 A large selection of craft clocks

I convinced you? Great so now have a look in the shop of my website. You have the choice and I regularly add different models in various styles. Do not hesitate to subscribe to RSS feeds that allow you to be aware of the new