Crafts With Pet bottle-Lamp

The ecological options has taken the market and turned the interests of all people. We are getting more demanding and aware that we need to reduce the waste and pollution on the planet.

In the decoration it is also trend, and today we’re going to give you a great idea that can make your home more beautiful and ecologically sustainable in a simple way: you will learn how to make a pet bottle lamp step by step!

The pet bottles that were thrown in the trash are turning several interesting objects, and the lamp is one of them. There are several models of lampshades made of pet bottles, table, floor and ceiling. The lampshades are practical and super cute.

Pet bottle lamp step by step

Well, now let’s start preparing! You will need:

  • 7 pet bottles
  • 2 fish net pantyhose in favorite color
  • Satin ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Stapler
  • Stylus
  • Glue

Cut off the bottom and top of every bottle, and then we install the caps with fishnet stockings. Just cut downstairs and upstairs after measuring the size necessary to cover the bottle. If necessary, use the stapler so that half do not release.

Then, take the bottle left over and clamp the other 6 bottles (high and low), since it will be the center of the lamp. With a satin ribbon of the color you want, finish gluing it on top and bottom edge of the bottles.

Finally, use one of the tops of the bottles that cut and place upside down on the part that will be the top of the luminaire. Staple the edges.  You will pass the wire that will bind to nipple inside, which will be the lamp as craft.

One important tip is to use cold lamps, not to melt the bottle, and that plus will help you to save energy by making your lamp totally ecological!

This super cool idea was based on the video you’ll see at the end of the matter (it is also possible to watch here). We simplify the procedural by taking rents to clean the visual. As for choosing the colors, choose the one that suits your taste!

To make a super simple version that we use in this matter, the photo simply use a single pet bottle. The difference is that at the top you will not cut. Just cut the sock, and use instant glue (Super Glue) on the top half, and usually finish with satin ribbon.

In the case of wire, cut a hole in the lid, let the wire with the size that you will use on the inside of the bottle and give a simple node so that it does not pass the hole. Ready! Your pet bottle lamp is beautiful and you can leave your house prettier by spending little.

Crafts with pet bottle-Lamp-Video

In addition to the video that shows what we say in this matter, we found two more options other than lamps with pet bottles in case you want to do different fixtures, see in the videos below!

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