Crash Ready with Beam Function for iPad

Crashes is ready with a new feature to their iPad application which makes it possible to transfer a phone number from the iPad to your phone.

Crashes is ready with a new feature to their iPad application that makes it easy to send a telephone number from the iPad to a mobile phone.

When you have found the desired number of crashes on your iPad, you can now transfer it to your phone numbers via beam function. It also means that you can search your iPad after a number in a restaurant or second and just transfer it to your mobile – this means you can call up the restaurant without having to enter the phone number again.

There may be several phones along with the iPad via Krak’s application. It also means that, for example, can search for a phone number from a family member and so it can be sent to another, which sits in the car or other and therefore not even right to search for the phone number, so reads it in the press release.

How to use the new Beam-function:

  • Go into Settings on your phone Crashes-app (iPhone and Android).
  • Press the “Show code” under “Connect for iPad”.
  • Go into Settings on iPad’s Crash-app.
  • Press “Options” in the user guide, and enter the code units are now ready to send tracks to each other.
  • Find a phone number via Crashes for iPad, press the number, and select “call from mobile phone”.
  • Select the phone number you want to send to, then it can call the number up.