Cree q5 LED Flashlight Review

  • First of all, the issue of lumen: the Cree Q5 is for sale on several sites, most of which is declared with a power of 600lm – in some I found in 300lm, others have pointed to the downside with 210. I had to do a lot of research and contact an engineer to arrive at the conclusion, he calculated that with a medium alkaline battery type, the Cree Q5 LED flashlight Ultrafire from supposed 600lm (or 300 or more), it should emit a beam of about 130 lumen for 1 hour, with the battery fully charged, regardless of the strength of the connections the quality of the reflector, any low quality battery. This dimension is not cheap, is a high efficiency for a LED powered by a simple stylus. So that we LED, good or bad?
  • CREE XRE LED: according to the data I have found fatigue – and this time rigrazierei the Cree for non-response and customer service blocked by a poorly functioning captcha – the Cree Q5 LED 107lm with a minimum efficiency produces 92lm per watt, and up to 320lm with an efficiency of 62lm per watt (then with about 5 watts). Cannot get to 600 lumens, even with a bundle of used batteries together. Can reach 210lm declared in other sites, but not in this Cree Q5, which is powered by a single stylus. Q5, incidentally, is the energy efficiency class, and the LED is one of the best around, one of the most modern and efficient.
  • The beam is adjustable, white and cold light, which is very convenient: you can concentrate it to illuminate away at a precise point, or enlarge it to illuminate a larger radius, this only moving forward or backward the tip.
  • The stem is in strong precipitation hardened aluminum alloy, the 60601T, a very strong material and this torch has a very strong and lightweight.
  • The switch on the bottom, for how it is done, it is difficult to activate alone, because the edges of the frame are higher.
  • The clip is strong and secure.
  • The flashlight is water resistant, the entrance to the battery there is a seal and in tip doesn’t penetrate easily (doesn’t mean it’s underwater).

Best uses of Cree Q5 bulb

This torch is very suitable to be carried the evening, no travel poorly lit streets – trekking, night parties, you never know what happens – in long walks or even to be kept by car or motorbike for emergencies, or for fishing. I’ve seen it used as a torch for the bike with a torch mount Sodial.