Customizable Wall Clocks

This series has the distinction of offering you a choice of 2 or 16 different textures effects for some of their parts in addition to the 30 standard shades for additional parts.

The Gala series concerns Pop clocks, Boli, Classical, Baroque and Confidence. Here is an overview of each of these clocks:

Customizable Wall Clocks

The customizable clock Pop Gala consists like other clocks Pop squares and rectangles of 3 different colors distributed around the clock mechanism. You can select up to 2 different reasons galas in more than one color among the 30 basic shades available:

The customizable clock Boli Gala is presented in turn by a succession of colorful bubbles (up to 2 units and 1 color choice also) that can be placed horizontally or vertically, and that will sparkle your room decoration!!

The Classic Gala customizable clock this sober form of its round central mechanism around which the hours are represented by rectangles 12 of plexiglass, while adding the original design of 2 Gala patterns (or 1 single at your option) you choose for ‘dress.

The customizable clock Baroque Gala is composed of geometric shapes plexiglass parts of which shall be in itself a piece of your decoration, like a contemporary art composition. It is in 3 parts: a mirror plexiglass parts, one part in a Gala grounds, and the last part in one of 30 shades available on our website.

Your customizable clock made in France will be delivered to you within 5 to 7 days after confirmation of your order on our website Our site and you only have to install it using the provided template (see Phoenix Wall Clocks, how easily install its customizable wall clock ).

The customizable clock Confidence, a form more compact than other proposed models, is ideal to dress for smaller spaces. It is composed of a main part in a Gala motif, embellished with geometric shapes of one or two colors from our color chart.

The proposed textures are rendered photo on plexiglass that will allow you to dress up your interior walls in patterns corresponding to intensive environments (macaroons), flowers (roses, liberty), marine and nature (water, sand, pebbles, rope, wood), fruit (strawberries, oranges, mojito) felted (fur, leopard), industrial (stone wall, metal) and the timeless red gingham fabric.

Your kitchen dresses fruit and macaroons, your living room is toned with his mojito clock, or more calm and romantic roses dressed he wants modern decorated with a metal and stone clock, or take you on a holiday mood by the sea… Let yourself by your imagination and set the clock that looks like you…

The plexiglass pieces of 3 mm thick are glued to the wall with adhesive provided around the central element that is fixed by a nail hook on the back of the mechanism.