Customize Moto 360 Watch Face

Motorola confirms that users can extensively customize your Moto 360 through the Moto Maker tool

Motorola finally allow users to take the leading role and to completely customize how they want to be your Moto 360 before buying. This announcement comes weeks after the company COO let him hinted in an interview. For those who do not know Moto Maker, it is a powerful online tool developed by Motorola that allows users to customize many aspects of the device before buying it.

So far, Moto Maker was only available for smartphones of the company, but from next month is also supported by the acclaimed Moto 360. Thus, future buyers smart watch Motorola will be able to choose from several options already available for Moto 360, but rather than simply choosing “Moto 360 plated with leather strap”, can mix any color and material.

As a professional blog for watches and smartwatches, the the Elites watches will offer them already are available at the moment: black, silver and champagne. However, the supply of belts Moto 360 will be expanded and will incorporate two sizes for leather and two for the metal, plus a new link bracelet is added. Finally, Motorola will also launch new exclusive watchfaces, some of which can set default order when we make our smart watch.

For the company, allow users to personalize your Moto 360 Moto Maker will be “emotionally more connected to their devices if they are part of the design process.”However, Jony Ive, vice president of Apple ‘s design and one of the principal architects of Apple Watch, believes just the opposite and can read his controversial statements in his last interview .

The Moto 360 will win a new metal belt links and new exclusive watchfaces

At the moment no specific date for the compatibility of the tool with the Moto 360, northe price they will have different options. One thing must be clear, surely the company charged a small premium for customizing the device, but that is something that remains to be seen.

As we have seen in Wired, the Moto 360 has become one of the most popular of the moment thanks to its striking design, which has created trend among manufacturers of smart watches SmartWatch and already has big rivals such as the newly introduced LG Watch Urbane.