Cycling Becomes Popular

Bike culture: this is the goal that Swedish cycling and wholesale Association has set up then they claim that cinnamon buns just makes you sick.

Before the cycle day 10 may industry gathering for a hefty manifestation. Bike day will be a bigger event than Cinnamon bunday. It says Kaj Vestman, President of FoG, Swedish Cycling and Wholesale Association. Kaj Vestman:

– Cycle deserves its own annual day. Cinnamon rolls are useless and make you fat and sick. Cycling is healthy, smart and good for the environment. It is more worth celebrating.

Cycling that both exercise and form of transport has literally exploded in the last ten years. And it would, therefore, bicycle industry to build on through the cycle day. On Cycle day going bike dealers throughout the country to have open house.

Joakim Stenberg, project manager for the cycle day, comments:

“It’s a good opportunity for the public to discover the new cycling season’s models and equipment on transporthint, and have initiated guidance whether cykelköp, accessory or service advice. Opportunities for bicycle service or security check will be offered in most bicycle dealer.

Enter the cycle date in your calendar now!

And for those who like cinnamon rolls, is celebrated on the 8th of October, its day represented here…