Cycling in Eritrea

In the Tour de France was the world’s first acquaintance with the Eritrean cycling. Daniel Teklehaimanot stole the hearts of cycling fans by running a number of days in the polka dot jersey around and his compatriot merhawi Kudus performed more than well in mountain stages of the Tour in 2015. A harbinger of more? If we look a little better, it is no coincidence that the first black African riders coming from Eritrea. The impoverished country has been a real bike culture and therefore it is quite surprising that it took until 2015 before the first riders came to the Tour.

Eritrea was an Italian colony 1885 until 1941. After World War II, the country went into a federation with Ethiopia, much against the wishes of the Eritreans then launched a bloody struggle for freedom. In 1991, the battle was won and was declared independent Eritrea. Rebel leader Isaias Afewerki became the first President in 2015, and he is still there. Unfortunately, overlapped his regime all the basic human rights of boot and the country in a totalitarian State from where thousands of people are fleeing each month.
The Italian colonists brought the Microbe cycle back to Eritrea. Eritrea is also the only country in the world where cycling is the largest national sport. If you?? morning runs just outside the capital Asmara, you see all the way full of cyclists.
A number of promising cyclists were picked up by the UCI, and they could meet in the training centre in Aigle, Switzerland with the European way to cycle. We put the most important Eritrean cyclists of the time at a glance:

Daniel Teklehaimanot

Daniel first drew attention by being 6 in Tour de l?? L’Avenir 2009. The first World Tour team that was interested in was the Australian Orica green edge, Teklehaimanot 2012 rode the Vuelta, the first big tour ever, a rider from Eritrea. He rode that year’s Olympic road race in London. His real breakthrough came when he moved to the African MTN Qhubeka. Once again, he rode the Vuelta and 2015, for the first time in the Tour de France. When he first got to start the Tour prologue. Then he sat with much attention on a flight in step 6 where he took the mountain Jersey he held for five days.
Though his subsequent achievement in real mountains could perhaps be greater deference was wearing polka dot jersey enormous symbolic value. Never before had a rider of the African continent him imitating. In the following Tour criterion was Teklehaimanot a welcome guest and return home, where he was hailed as a hero.

Merhawi Kudus

Kudus left in the Tour de France in 2015, a bit in the shadow of his compatriot Teklehaimanot.Nevertheless, the youngest rider in this tour a little more than decent performance. Thus, for example, he was 14 in the tough mountain stage Pra-Loup. Merhawi Kudus is also the greatest talent of his country, a talent he had in 2014 seems already to be 2nd in the Tour de Langkawi and 5th in the Route du Sud, in the footsteps of champions. On 22 August 2015, it was announced that Kudus 2016 moves likely to Movistar.

Ab Berhane

According to CyclingEnthusiasm, The third big names in cycling is Berhane in Eritrea, which in 2013 in French service started riding with Team Europcar. For this team he won two stage races: tour of Turkey in 2013 and La Tropicale Amissa Bongo in 2014. The recent victory of the Tour de France winner Bernard Hinault did elicit comment?? Please note that Eritreans, Colombians are of our time?. In 2015, also moved into Berhane MTN Qhubeka. He transferred to the Tour de France in 2015, although he showed his good form in the Tour of Austria and the Tour of Utah. On 22 August 2015 Ab began as one of the protected rider in the Vuelta a España. He was a couple of times in a breakaway and finished 79th.
In addition to the three drivers of MTN Qhubeka is more talented riders. So Mekseb Debesay already garnered a lot of beautiful places of honour together in German service. He was the only delegate to the road race for professionals. Although he did not make the finish line was Mekseb after cheered louder than the world Tale. MTN? feed the team?? Metkel Tesfom Eyob Okubamariam has, and Meron Teshome in points. Enough talent to keep Eritrea passionate cycling in years to come!

The 10 best Eritrean cyclists in the world PC

Stand on 21 sep 2015
The election for the FIFA World Cup 2015 in Virginia, United States:
Elite Men, road race:

  • Mekseb Debesay

Under 23 road race:

  • Merhawi Kudus
  • Metkel Eyob
  • Amanuel Gebrezgabiher
  • Yonas Tekeste

Under 23 Time Trial:

  • Merhawi Kudus
  • Amanuel Gebrezgabiher