Cycling Is a Good Thing

Often it appears abundantly clear, we were not allowed to ride a bike. And where it is not apparent from pedestrians and motorists tend to be quick to remind us that sometimes even though they don’t have evidence of it. “However, we have not received a reply to the question of where we actually get to ride a bike.

Now I don’t mean the cyclists that use the bicycle as a flexible and environmentally friendly means of transport and time driving on bike lanes, but those of us who have it as a racing or exercise equipment.
We are rarely welcome on the country road where motorists rebukes us by sideswiping us out of the ditch. We are not welcome in the exercise and eljusspåren for the which should apparently go in for sports-oriented on foot. We are actually not particularly welcome on bike paths to our type of cycling interferes with or is harmful to the normal cycling with standard bicycles. The latter is an assessment we usually make themselves.

We are many and we are becoming ever more. Record the notifications to Vätternrundan, Cykelvasan and interest for A Swedish classic is just the tip of a large iceberg sprawl. And bicycle industry reports new record in its sales figures.

And this is of course a good thing for society as a whole. We can jointly determine that the problem in Sweden is not that ordinary people are exercising too much but rather too little. A lot of people now have come on the bike is the best thing that exists in the world, is therefore, of course, a wellness behavior obviously should be encouraged at all levels.

You could talk about how to use their health benefits or subsidize the bikes now, but let’s start with a simple thing like our arena. Where should we go?

I buscyklade a little of the local exercise tracks today. Not on purely disqualification els Cape, but because it is so amazingly nice and fun. I turned into account as best I could, slowed down properly at every meeting and overtaking, greeted people and thanked those who hauled in their dogs.
I tend to be careful with it because I think it builds water bottles, and for people to see that we are not some noisy fartmarodörer but actually correct please types. (Of course, it happens I make mistakes and miscalculations at times, but I do so even on foot.)
For the most part, this please buscyklandet very good. …

… but in a slight uphill I drove cautiously if one runner today, at low speed and with surely one metre margin.
-You may not ride here! He immediately snorted.

I don’t know if he was so grouchy because I was quicker than him up the Hill, but personally it felt as he poured a big sled ice-cold water over a blazing fire. Thus, the problem is that he is right. On the municipality’s website, it is clear that exercise tracks are for those who want to “jog, run or take a walk”.
But what is the fairness in that it is so? Why feet but not wheels? Where is my jogging track? Why can’t I be there in the great forest, and share the stage with him, if I just show respect and careful?

Has the time not come for specific cycle times or bicycle days in these jogging track? Or a special bike trail? Or maybe, God example, even leave open for cyclists and hope that they can actually manage the freedom and responsibility after all?

So here it is in all cases with exercise tracks in my community. Hope it’s better in your.

(Then there are the kilometers much to write about the problem with road cycling and cars, but it is sure time and inspiration for that too. Again. Unfortunately.)