Danes LOVE Mobile Broadband

Prices fall and the Danes downloads like never before.

The Danes’ appetite for mobile broadband will no than take. It shows the new figures from Business Agency.

According to the Professional Agency so is data traffic from mobile phones in a few years virtually exploded, while the price only knows a way-and it’s down.

In 2009, there were approximately 419,000 mobile broadband subscriptions in Denmark, and the figure was more than doubled to 980,000 in 2012.

The price is on the other hand, dropped dramatically. In 2009 cost the cheapest mobile broadband subscription 156 crowns a month. The price was in 2012 declined to 77 dollars a month for the cheapest subscription.

At the same time, shows the latest telecommunications statistics from Professional agency that data traffic from mobile phones in one year has increased by 240 percent and rounded whole 6.9 billion MB data during the first half of 2012.