Data-Problems with Phone Company 3 Is Now Released

Customers of telecommunications company 3 is currently experiencing problems with their mobile data. The problem is now solved.

Phone company 3 has problems with data, it informs the on their own website – and also on Facebook page 3 Denmark writes the customers about the problems, which seem to be scattered throughout the country. However, not all 3 customers who are affected by these problems.

-“In problems in grena? I may well call and write text messages, but can not go on the net, “writes one user.

-“Have problems with the net in Odense today? I can not seem to use any netkrævende services this morning, and I have restarted the phone, “says another user.

-“There may currently be experienced problems with data, our technicians are underway to correct the error, and we expect to see it resolved as soon as possible,” so reads the operating information on the company’s website.

When they hit 3-customers can use data without problems again remains to be seen, but work on the matter.

3 shall communicate on their operating information Monday on 8. April Bell 11.26, that problem is now solved.