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Decalogue of Good Restart in September

The first day of work after a few days of vacation is one of the most dramatic moments of the year without the tummy ache that you wake up on December 26, the day that tests you bathing suit of last year or the day of your birthday once past the 30.

It is normal that when the alarm clock rings you feel like when Toni Cantó awoke from the coma on seven lives. Confused and dazed. In the series, I say. You will make calculations and think (loose) “at this time I only had a couple of hours sleeping» or «yesterday remained me a couple of hours sleep». It depends on the age or spiritual youth, which let alone. The next thing you do is look to the ceiling or a strangely attractive fixed point if you were a weasel. They will be eternal but comforting fifteen seconds.

Christmas seems to be closer than your past vacation.

Zombie apocalypse? Gala of survivors? An Albacete after full fair? Office Outlook is bleak. Swollen on par with glassy eyes. A common sentiment attached to all alike leaving aside hatreds for at least the first ten minutes in which all you ask what about everything as if you care about. A bout of Roosters in the front of the coffeemaker to see who had the best vacation.

Here the ten tips final to survive your particular “back to school” full of thugs (also called “heads”), empollones gafotas and several stones in shoes.

  • Changes or decorate with something new your workspace. The cactus also die oddly. Remove all the bodies from the table. Have you ever thought to make a crochet for Chair pad?
  • Not you asturians Neither asturians neighbor. Things will be equal with or without your hyperventilation.
  • Take several breaths. Get up, drink water, seduces the fellow surfer, lo-to-be while you are within the law, your office and working hours.
  • Take advantage of the time, feel productive! You don’t bury complaints, wailing or vacation photos.
  • Of all good woman: drink plenty of water and take good of fruit in the mouth.
  • It rests. The nights are sleeping, pirate.
  • Get organized. It seeks a balance between leisure and work. For your sake. Nor do we need to do more harm than is necessary.
  • Come, check run. It takes up your sports routine or flee at least as much as possible of the sofa. Does not deserve!
  • Not throw you the blame on post-holiday syndrome. It is prohibited. Whenever you do, put 3 euros into the piggy bank “holiday 2017”.
  • Ponte espresso. Opens Jezebel. Restart again.

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