Decorated with Decoupage Boxes

Who does not have any old Kit House? The technique of decoupage with napkins can do a craft to restore these cases, decorate to our taste and it can be used to store many things.


  • Old case
  • Acrylic colors
  • Napkin flowers
  • Lacquer


  1. first clean all dust box, so that acrylics can adhere to the surface.
  2. paints the case to your liking with acrylics.
  3. once it is dry paste flowers on top, placing them in the way that most go liking us, playing with sizes to give dynamism to the box.
  4. we can change colors according to flowers, ensures that there is a contrast between them and the box.
  5. Finally you can apply lacquer to give a shine to your decor and ready!

With this simple form of decoration you can get some very nice boxes adapted and customized to give a present either to save things from home.