Difference Between Jeggings and Skinny Jeans

In fashion, one often has the impression that some parts are similar and yet they do not have the same name.

This is the case for example of jeggings and skinny jeans. They are very similar, we hardly see the difference and yet there is one.

Here is an article that will allow you to make the difference between a VS jeggings skinny jeans, and you’ll see that there is one!

What is a Jeggings?

Jeggings is an ultra-tight pants designed on the model of leggings. As said on RUIZESOLAR, the difference with leggings and jeggings is that the fabric has a very similar visually to the denim.

The result?

Pants “jeans” ultra tight and perfectly on trend.

It molds the buttocks, thighs and even calves and yet it remains very comfortable and flexible.

What is a skinny jeans?

The skinny jean is very similar to jeggings except that this time, it is truly made of denim.

It was therefore ultra skinny jeans but more rigid and stronger. However, the skinny jean is less flexible and therefore a little less comfortable than the jeggings.

VS skinny jeans Jeggings: for whom?

The tendency to mold its forms affects everyone, even if it puts more value in some women and not others.

The jeggings is more recommended for thin women with beautiful curves. Indeed, jeggings is ultra tight and since it is flexible, it sticks especially to the skin and mold any shape.

Conversely, the skinny jeans, because it is more rigid mold, but a little less in the details. Women who need more shapely or maintenance for example, will feel more comfortable in skinny jeans.