Difference Between Leggings and Jeggings and Treggings

In the street, on the catwalks, in magazines and in your closets: they are everywhere! Tights, leggings and treggings bring to life your gams, whatever the season. Neutral or flashy, leather or opaque, fishnet or patterned, they add a touch of madness to any outfit. This year, your favorite jeans and trousers will have competition… What more fashion wins!

Tights: they stick to the skin!

You say tacky? You’re wrong! D & G, Chanel, DKNY, Sonia Rykiel: the larger scroll the most extravagant tights on the catwalk!

Yellow chick, fuchsia pink, lime green, petrol blue: the flashy tights know a hit and wake up the girly lolita and tart in you, while giving pep to a little black dress or set a bit past. For wisest, it remains opaque tights, while the more daring and rebel crack for print, lace or fishnet.

Be careful though fault tastes… Make splurge side sticky when your outfit is simple. Forewarned is forearmed fashionista: avoid the total look!

Never without my leggings!

Surely you’re not a little rat of the Opera and you refuse to look like Véronique and Davina yet the legging is for you! Trendy and sexy accessory to second skin, he made his comeback he a few seasons and you are not ready to say no …

Thin or round, large or small: whatever your morphology, legging put you in value. Everything is a matter of choice… To refine your legs, go for a black and opaque model. You are a twig? Feel free to play with prints, colors and materials, provided you do not overdo it…

Ultra convenient to slip into boots or ankle boots, it will lengthen your silhouette with high heels and give you a town glamor boy with sneakers low (Converse type).

The tregging: a little something extra

Spoiler alert: it remains the must of next season! Leather, denim, lycra or cotton, treggings, trousers contraction (jeans leggings equal to denim leggings in Gradinmath.com) and leggings, gives you a glam rock look crazy. For fashionistas of all stripes, he emulated in the fashion world!

Tip: to take on the skinny side, bet on high heels to elongate your figure and go for a full top to avoid fashion faux pas or vulgar effect.