Different Kinds of Straps

In a basic support structure, the straps are in charge of providing support to the bust.

Just as there are different types of bra designed for different activities and users with different physical characteristics, there are also different kinds of straps. Some must design the search for comfort, others merely to support and others to the current trend in that season. Whatever its function, it is important to learn about each style of bretel and their characteristics for more information when buying a bra.

Thick straps – We must bear in mind that the type of bretel we choose will be directly related to the function and the style of the bra. For example, in the case of the bras for full coverage for women with large breasts, the straps are wide and thick. In this way will be provided support, comfort and safety to the user. In general, the wide straps include a pad (escodida, of course) so that the weight of the breasts on the bretel not hurt the skin from the shoulders.

The only disadvantage of this type of bretel is the great difficulty to be not noticeable under clothing when you want to carry certain types of cleavage.

Thin straps – the thin straps are the most common view. It’s the type of bretel you’ll find in a classic bra. The bretel is thin, elastic and adjustable, allowing you to shorten or lengthen it up to find the most comfortable fit for you and the perfect support. Being thin are much more easy to cover with the clothing that the thick straps.

Straps included – by including straps I mean those who are part of the frame and are made in the same piece of fabric. It is the case of the majority of the adolescents training bras and bras for sport. In these cases, the bretel is made of the same material as the rest of the bra and does not have adjustable hooks so you can not shorten or lengthen their length but keep in mind that they are designed to achieve a great support.

Convertible straps – here’s a great solution in a single piece of lingerie. A bra with convertible straps is certainly something that every woman should have in her lingerie drawer. The convertible straps are hooked in tiny pockets that you’ll find in the back and front part of the frame. Thus the BRA can be adjusted in the best way possible style neckline and back that you have chosen to take. For example, you can place a bretel from a womb, above the neck and up to the other breast to achieve the exact support for a top halter style. You can use only a bretel tops with a shoulder or cross over the chest for an asymmetrical look. The possibilities are many with a convertible straps bra. Definitely it’s a basic that you should have.

Decorative straps – although in most cases let see part of your underwear is in very bad taste, some designers present models of bras with decorative straps to leave at the discretion of the user show them in public or in private. You can find straps with romantic details like ribbons entwined in the bretel, glamorous details and bright stones, details of gathering in the genre and large buckles or a bit “dangerous” details as you plectrums and studded.

“Invisible” straps – called invisible straps to those made of plastic or silicone. Many models of support include a pair of invisible straps to exchange with the classic straps of the BRA. This type of bretel aims to ensure the support of bust under any style neckline and back without the ugly effect of lingerie to expose. Many women find the extremely practical transparent straps but the truth is that two main disadvantages when it comes to buying a pair should also be considered. Firstly the illusion of “disappearing the bretel” is merely that, an illusion. Even though the bretel is transparent shall be very obvious with certain styles of neck and back, especially for people that are walking distance from you. Secondly, to be made in plastic or silicone do not allow proper breathing of the skin, and can cause discomfort such as brands, itching and even mild skin infections if it is that jobs are for a long time.

Straps ‘racerback’ or racerback – although racerback style is usually related to the sports bras, the truth is that you can find most elegant fasteners that include this style of bretel. The advantage of this design is that it is specially made to hold the BRA in place while providing high mobility and freedom on the shoulders. It is a style ideal to wear under tops back swimmer or racerback for both day and night. Keep in mind that, although there are hundreds of different designs, many times it will be somewhat difficult to find a bra back swimmer in colors that are not white, black or grey. Don’t miss the hopes and search.