Different Types of Automatic Watches

There are three different types of bracelets: the leather strap (real or imitation), metal strap, and the rubber strap.

The rubber strap is rather reserved to modern quartz watches, such as sports watches. We almost never found on automatic watches, it does not fit the classic appearance of such a watch.

The metal bracelet is a very manly bracelet, usually silver-colored but sometimes golden color.The choice of color depends on the color of your skin.

The main advantage of metal bracelet that is highly resistant to shock, water, and so usually wear. Choose a metal bracelet if you wear your watch every day.

A leather strap is also very masculine, even if it is class and will more easily when dressed evenings a sportier metal bracelet and all terrain.

The leather is less resistant to wear. However it is more comfortable to wear, because it is less cold and absorbs less heat and lets the skin breathe.

Maintain an automatic watch

Mechanical watches require revision and regular maintenance to stay in good condition-a bit like a car.

And the maintenance budget of a watch is generally proportional to the purchase price of the watch: the mechanism is more complex and the watch will be difficult to disassemble and clean.

The rrrjewelry suggests that you clean your watch regularly (preferably weekly) with a cloth moistened with a solution of soapy water-the soap is perfect for this use. Gently rub the dial and bracelet (except leather strap).

Every 2 to 3 years, take your watch to a competent watchmaker for review, preferably watchmaker who has sold you the watch.

It is impossible to maintain oneself the internal mechanism of the watch unless you have very advanced watchmaking knowledge.

And even most of the watchmakers do not maintain their shows themselves: after a day of work, they do not want to deal with additional shows but to relax.