Different Types of Leather Jackets

The origin of leather for jackets

There are different types of leather, adapted to their use, furniture, shoes, or clothing. But first, source leather? Most people meet: the cow. It’s accurate, but incomplete. The leather is tanned skin of an animal.This includes lamb, deer, sheep, Buffalo, Bull, horse, pig, goat, the shark, alligator, ostrich, lizard, and a few other exotic animals. Obviously, the pet is rare, and more skin is difficult to work, the final product will be expensive.

Another element entering the cost is its thickness. A belt will be 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm and 0.5 mm lining. A city jacket will make 1.5 mm, but can be a Biker jacket exceed 5 mm.
The most used leather in France remains that of the cow. Lamb, precious and fine, is generally reserved for products relatively high-end, while the crocodile or alligator are used in the luxury leather goods.
The leather is a noble material that bends to the form given to him. It can be rounded or square, which allows all creative fantasies. A jacket or a leather jacket combines elegance, comfort and strength. The many other benefits of leather, include its flexibility and a good seal, according to the treatment. A jacket or leather trousers remains stable despite heavy use. Leather can be dyed in any shade, white, beige, red, yellow, black, etc., and marry all your desires.
For a resistant garment, for example a man, the cowhide leather motorcycle jacket is often chosen. What are these famous looks underseeded, biker jackets who defied the weather and to skate with the years. Leather can also be worked to give it a shiny for a city jacket.
In the family of cattle, calfskin is very popular, because of its flexibility and the pleasure of his touch. It comes in bags, jackets, or as decorative other clothing item. For soft pants or a jacket stylish or female, the Lamb will be perfect.
The Buffalo, which is more expensive, can be booked to Accessories and bags.
Besides the price, which can guide your choice of a jacket or a leather jacket, it’s if you prefer aesthetics or the casual appearance. All products are notable, but some are more adapted to harsh climates and outdoor activities, and others are more festive and urban.

The various forms of preparation of leather

First, the skin is tanned, with barks of trees, or chromium salts or with titanium. It is this process, natural or chemical, which makes the skin rot. Then, depending on the nature and the quality of the product, many finishes are available.
The crust is a natural leather. Since there is very little processed chemically, it is easy to color and skate. It may also reflect the original color of the animal, black for a leather of Buffalo, for example, or beige for a pig leather. The crust of leather can be advantageous for products at affordable cost. Called flower side external skin, cleaned of its hair. It can be scraped off and smoothed to make its appearance more noble. The internal, more rough, is called side flesh side.The sawn flower leather is a leather which has been removed a first layer, and undergoing treatments meant to improve its quality. Suede is a skin with the flesh side is scraped and placed outside of the product. Nubuck is gently sanded leather, to produce a velvety and fluffy, very sensual aspect.
To choose a vest or a leather jacket, you can opt for the most suitable product. If you need a practical garment, for outdoor work, the thicker leather jackets will be most suitable. For example, crusted leather cowhide or pig leather. If however you are looking for more finesse and elegance, opt for the calf full flower, or for the lamb.
You know enough to choose your jacket or your leather jacket. Whether for family, office or a chic evening activities, the leather will be harmonized with all your desires, in all circumstances.

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