Different Types of Sweatshirts

The sweatshirt is definitely an option more comfortable and warm. Perfect for colder days, this play is no longer just a sports item to compose very stylish productions.

For colder days, you can also create compositions with layers using your sweatshirt with a denim jacket or vest on top. The important thing is to bet on pieces with more elegant and feminine cuts so as not to create a too much stripped look.


The women’s sweatshirt jacket is the preferred model of fashionistas and celebrities, and can create amazing productions. This model can be found with or without hood, and may have some details as to be double sided, having a printed fabric inside and creating a contrast in the play. In addition, the jacket can be found in plain colors, but the most sought-after are the stamped, as with characters, flowers, animals or just with the logo of some famous brands that manufacture the part.

To take the jacket to wardrobe, wear it with more drained parts at the bottom, like leggings and jeans or shorts, invest in female parts as more fluid and colorful skirts, ruffled or lace skirts. If you wish, you can put your coat on the inside of the skirt or shorts. Another tip is to use a tailoring blouse underneath your sweatshirt by placing the collar of your shirt out. If you want a more formal look, bet on a white or black jacket using it with tailoring pants and high heels. Complement with accessories that draw attention and with plenty of personality.


This model is great for the more detached and can create great productions. The collegiate sweatshirt can be found in several colors and your sleeves tend to be of a different color from the rest of the piece.

Wear it with jeans, shorts, skirts, high waist shorts, leggings and jeans in the boyfriend or destroyed model. Enjoy the colors of your sweatshirt to mount your production: If your sweatshirt is black and white, bet on a black t-shirt and black or white skirt, matching a color point, as in the shoes or accessories.


The sweatshirt in the cropped model is similar to the jacket model, but has the waist-length, great for stylish girls.

Combine your feminine cropped sweatshirt with skirts, shorts or pants, all high waist. This piece can also be used with long skirts, creating a visual alternative. The most daring can choose to leave part of the belly shown, without showing the navel. You can also use your cropped sweatshirt over longer blouses and in contrast colors.


The hooded blazer is a piece that breaks the seriousness of the play, making it the most modern production. You can find it in structured models or more loose and are sold, usually in gray, and can be found in other variations.

Wear it with dress, shirt and short jeans, skinny pants and skirts. Make your production more formal opting for pieces of neutral colors so as not to disrupt the blazer. Bet on dark wash jeans or tailoring, white blouse with application of rhinestones and high heels.


This model is similar to the sweatshirt jacket, except that its length is usually above the knee, creating a dress. It can be found in various colors, with or without hood.

Use your feminine long sweatshirt dress and bet on a belt, tights and denim vest. Another option is to use it with leggings, in the form of a longer blouse.


This sweatshirt is no doubt the most cool and youthful model. Treat yourself to a template that can be zippered jacket, or type of plain color or printed, with detail on hoodie ears of pets, which makes the piece feminine. Normally, the sweatshirts with ears follow a theme, such as animal print pattern.

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