Different Types of Tights

The tights without foot became so trend lately it comes. Then, rather legging, tregging or jeggings? You get lost? You are given so a little help to find and know how to wear them.

It all started with the 90 and the famous underwear for women. Neon flowers, African patterns, in short all more ugly than the other. And yet, only that in never carried, as a child, with a t-shirt and a pair of ballerinas in canvas Ben Simon, cast me the first stone. You all see what underwear I’m talking about. And the worst part is that it only served to make the sport the guy. Our mothers proudly dared’ll us like to go to school. Times have changed, and even if the 1990s are back, pants too much change.

To avoid we disgust, we girls traumatized by this atrocious sticking patterns, his name was changed by giving it a small English sounding which gives it a youthful look. Now we have to do to the “leggings”. It is still too tight, always cotton and without a foot, but it comes in colors much more fun, and especially more portable. And let’s be clear, it’s not too much to wear otherwise than black or gray, see Navy Blue. And the rest of the outfit also has, fortunately, changed. Finished t-shirt formless Decathlon (Yes you see all what I’m talking about because I am sure that also you had it) that is matched to the garish color of pants.

Today, the leggings are fashionable according to AGOODDIR because it’s fashionable to along regarding the “senior”. Belted man shirt, blouse, tunic, dress, vest oversize, as tights to wear more often the leggings, which hold us really hotter than a simple pair of tights. But since a year, he also became a real pants, that the most audacious dare to wear with short, discovered buttocks (when we have an ass and legs to dream only of course) with a little blazer, a blouse or a simple top. You want a good reason to put leggings? The shoes of course. We swim in full range of the boots over the pants, boots and sneakers Dunk. And it’s a purely practical reason (see a little aesthetic also) who brought the fashionistas are wearing leggings with rising shoes. Will be fun to get a Levis 501 into a pair of boots! that makes the folds that are embedded in the skin of the calf at the end of the day, it hurts and it is ugly, simply. The impeccable snow boot ‘ with simple leggings. And when it’s the Uggs have chooses to wear in the feet, better cast our small legs to avoid looking like a clumsy Yeti and without form (these shoes are already pretty little female to add a layer). Okay do you understand now?