DIY Decorating Christmas Candles

Christmas crafts with their hands – a great way to make an original interior decor and at the same time have fun with your children or friends. On the eve of the winter holidays, our house will be decorated garlands, Christmas decorations and candles. That’s candle we make an interesting candle holder with your hands of laurel leaves. Laurel – evergreen shrub or tree, whose dried leaves are commonly used as a spice. In addition, the laurel is often planted in parks and gardens as an ornamental plant. So find the bay leaves for handicrafts will be easy.

To make a candle with your hands, you will need laurel leaves plucked or slightly dried. Very dry, which break easily, are not suitable. Also prepare floral sponge, a knife, an iron, a thin tissue paper, a candle, and, if desired, paint the leaves – the paint in the can. But, in my opinion, not to spoil the natural appearance and preserve the natural flavor, leaves nothing better cover.

Very fresh leaves is better to dry with the help of an iron. Wrap the leaf in tissue paper and iron the well several times. From floral sponge with a sharp knife, cut a round shape similar to a (click here).

Insert the leaves into the sponge in a circle, starting from the bottom. The leaves in the lower rows are arranged parallel to the table surface.

Gradually change the angle of leaf arrangement. The upper rows must already “look up” by closing the top of the sponge.

Put a candle on a sponge and draw her knife circle.

Spoon, make an indentation for a candle.

Put a candle in a candlestick with their hands and enjoy its flickering snow on winter nights! Bay leaves are rich in essential oils and exude a pleasant, but quite a strong flavor. It is a powerful natural antibiotic and anti-inflammatory agent. And the essential oil of laurel, together with the notorious garlic, used for the prevention of influenza and colds. So romantic evenings by candlelight with a laurel candlestick will have very beneficial effects on immunity and health.