DIY: Minimalist Style Wall Clock

At least it is Thursday! That only means that tomorrow is already almost weekend ūüėÄ

And the best of the weekend, what is? Since you have time to do all those things that we crave and will pass.

But if you’re very idle and do not know what to do, I would suggest you a DIY challenge of the facilitos. It’s perfect for gift giving, surprise or keep it!

I hope you enjoy it, and as always, if you fancy them to do so remember to show us the result, which makes us very excited!

We are going to the mess. What do we need?

A table round wood (the photo is 30 cm in diameter)
A strip or belt leather (or in his case, a belt)
A clock mechanism (which passes by the width of the wood from
Something for making holes in leather
2 brass screws
An electric drill with a drill bit larger than the clock mechanism
Pencil and ruler
Step by step DestornilladorEl is simple, but I tell you and you teach photos ūüėÄ

1. Measure and mark the center of the wooden table.

2. Drill the Center, with one wide enough to pass the clock mechanism.

3. Cortar leather strap and belt to the extent that we like most.

4. Let the holes with an awl or a machine to make holes.

5. With a smaller drill bit, make a few small holes for the screws that fastened the leather.

6. Then add second pole leather to the table in such a way that us on strip so hangs a little bit.

7. The clock mechanism through the center hole of the table and mount it according to the instructions.

8. Do not forget to attach a battery and voila! The clock will be finished to look precious in one of our walls.