Do You Remember: iOS 4-What Was Cool in 2010?

Back in 2010, iOS 4 introduced by Apple. See here what the new fat was three years ago.

Many features of the iPhone is today entirely natural for users. But there was a time, not very long ago, when there were fewer opportunities.

The 8. April 2010 presented the Apple operating system iOS in version 4. And in this context, there were some innovations.

One of the news were folders. When applications “Dancer” on the screen, a shortcut can be dragged on another, after which is was formed a folder. On iPhone 4S and earlier iPhones with iOS 4, there may be 12 icons in a folder while the iPhone 5 and iPad supports 16 20 Pack.

IOS 4 also gave the opportunity to use a photo as the background on the home screen.

Great news: Multitasking

The big news with this iOS version of however, multitasking. Apple opened up to some functions in apps, if they were programmed to it, could run in the background. URF.eks. music and video content. By pressing the home button twice in rapid succession, got the user to switch between apps.

Also push messages first appeared in iOS 4, as well as combined Inbox where e-mails from several different mail accounts were rolled into one Inbox.

Apple released iOS 4 to download the 21. June 2010. The 22. November 2010 com iOS 4.2.1. This also supported the iPad, and was the last major software update for the iPhone 3 g and iPad Touch (2nd generation).