Do You Wear The Right Bra?

70% of women wear a bra inadequate. But did you know that a poor choice of this intimate garment can cause certain health problems?

when you do cleaning in the drawer of underwear it has come. Class begins to analyze one by one the fasteners. Detects that are not suitable for you.

A bad choice of bra can cause: breast pain, corns, skin tags, indentations in the shoulders, backaches, etc.

Studies indicate that approximately 30% of medical consultations related to breast pain, are produced by the use of an inappropriate size and that almost 80% of women do not know which is yours.

Here we give the keys to detect a bad bra … Attentive!

How to detect if we use the right size?

There are several key points that will help us to detect if we use the bra size that corresponds to us:

The first is the back : the back of the bra should lie flat, perfectly aligned with the front. If the back is higher than the front, itmeans that we have a size of greater contour corresponds us. We are thus reducing the holding power, it fall almost solely on the straps.


Another key point is the cause

The rise should be adjusted to the body , but always without cl bird. If separate means we need more cup size.

Position of rings

Another checkpoint is the position of the rings, they should NEVER rest on the breast , but will have to rest outside.

As a final part of testing …

Raise your arms, if it really is the size that suits you should not move up with your movements.