Dock for iPad 2

The release of the iPad 2, of all the available accessories for iPad 2, Steve Jobs spoke more about the magnetic cover “Smart Cover” than any other accessory. But there is also a dock for iPad to estilho of the dock of the Motorola Milestone that could be used to charge or sync your iPad 2 with your PC.

Costing $ 29 but not yet available for sale, this iPad dock also has a 3.5 mm audio connector for external speakers can be used.

Dock for iPad 2

There is also a common connector to the dock where you can connect a USB cable to sync or refilling or a 10W AC adapter for the same purpose, see Unfortunately not the cable or the AC adapter are sold together with the dock the iPad 2 would be more then $ 29 if you do not want to have to keep plugging and power by unplugging the cable from the dock all the time.

You can use besides the Apple Digital Video Adapter to connect your iPad2 a bigger screen via HDMI. Even without release date rumor has it the dock for iPad 2 will come to market yet in March 2011.

Is It Worth Buying the Dock for iPad 2?

The dock is very small and portable, making it relatively easy to carry everywhere. Your design without a lot of “frills” House very well with the design that Apple adopts to your iPad. The dock is a great tool to put your iPad in a vertical position, making it easier to read on straight surfaces. But in bed or sitting in a Chair, I don’t see much use for the dock.

What do you think of this dock for iPad? You buy one of these?