Dos and Don’ts Fashion Tips

Like every year trends for the current autumn / winter collection were shown on the catwalks of the world, which do not really seem made for the “normal” people at first glance. On red carpets in Hollywood productions or in large fashion capitals such as New York tops can be worn with striped trousers and tabby shoes in floral pattern. I myself know, however, that I would be thoroughly looked at obliquely despite quite fashion conscious environment, I should sneak in this combination to the office.

Although the designer also points plaid or camouflage and stripes recommend what makes me just as critically, the trend does not completely pass me.

Especially nice is the pattern mix when combined with the stylistic elements of the 50’s. Dresses in A-line short jackets or skirts mid-length with colorful bags look great and distribute thanks to colors and patterns also the winter blues. Basically, you should experiment with patterns and prints, however, note a few rules.


  • Always stay in the same color family.This means that individual colors should be repeated in the prints of the garments. Carry her so a black and white spotted top, one of the two colors should also in the pants or find the rock. So it ensures that the outfit despite Mustermix a clear line reserves and is not too worried.
  • Graphic prints are perfect for all beginners in terms of patterns.Consistent patterns act neat and clean and are not as intrusive or playful, such as a printed floral jacket.
  • Select accessories for different prints.A bag in colorful zigzag pattern to the new Leo Pumps? Absolute! Here the rest of the outfit should be but rather simple so that the two colored parts also can act.


  • Not more than mixing two different patterns together.Clear the pattern mix is ​​in, but this one should not overdo it. Basically, you should definitely focus on Opelika fashion in striking prints (view The rest of the look is matching color, but plain. Otherwise, the trend is quickly backfires and your outfit is more reminiscent of Carnival than on runway.
  • No combine to large samples together, as this makes the outfit acting restless and wild.Small-scale prints, however great match and make you look chic and elegant.
  • Not mix patterns with statement jewelry.Although both trends look amazing, you should they better not mix. Together Prints and big jewelry act simply too restless. It is best to dispense entirely with an eye-catching mix of patterns on jewelry and to wear only subtle makeup. Everything draws too much attention to yourself, your home remains in the jewelry box.