Dresses You Can Wear with Black Tights

The opaque black tights, we love. What would we do without them?Yet, have you noticed that the series lifestyle magazines prefer to show dresses on bare legs?

Have you noticed how your silhouette can take a shot of blues with some tights? How this dress that you find charming early autumn turns sad, heavy, pataude as soon as you put on a pair of opaque tights…There is something wrong.

The opaque black tights, it’s hot, shaping, becoming… but SOMETIMES it is illuminating.

#Pourquoi it doesn’t always?

The total-look black (ex: little black dress + tights opaque + ballerinas) who wouldn’t let the light gives want to cry.

Effect mass = it’s sad and it’s Cup.

We THEREFORE have to show a little skin, her out… wouldn’t it by a neckline and 3/4 sleeves.

If you are still not comfortable, try one sticking – with less opacity as the semi-transparent (between 25 and 40 dollars), lace or the plumetis provided that your dress is too short.

You’re already more toned.


Opaque tights (between 50 and 80 denier) are perfect with a bit of skin to air (see above) or if you want to wear to the mid-thigh. They are more difficult with a knee length if you are total-look black or if your skirt/dress is austere.

Again, he must add radiance and lightness =

-with a nice material: lace skirt, a dress in silk… or pantyhose wool twisted.

-with accessories: shoes that have character (derby to notched sole / fancy shoes), a string of bracelets…

-with a touch of color to live: a square of silk around his neck, a printed jacket, socks over tights…

#Par replace what the black leggings?

This winter, we find lots of leggings fancy at 800zipcodes.com (Etam has just launched his line).

Very passable if you avoid small knots, butterflies, stripes, weals and co.

If your look allows and if you like, you can also add color.

The bordeaux and grey are easier to get married there. I have a preference for the color wool, or wool perforated.

#Comment choose her black tights?

The sticky pros have made progress.

We don’t want any sparkling tights but a sticky second skin to touch slightly silky, not too bright, homogeneous on the leg (even with legs or thick calves), with enough lycra for do not crease, a correct for not tugging crotch, strength tests…

These essentials to the comfort and the view often have a cost. But worth it!