DÜRmeister Individual: Here You Can Design Your Personal Watch

A young German watch brand combines traditional watchmaking art with a desire for individuality.

Design your personal watch online in 10 steps

In November 2015 it was finally ready: after more than 2 years of preparation time, watch lover René Kantehm Managed it: the homepage www.dürmeister.de is online. Here the individualist with a look for the beautiful things in life has the opportunity to design his own watch. High quality and unbeatably cheap. The design process is intuitive and online in 10 steps possible.

German watchmaking art–all watch parts from Germany and Switzerland

“The desire to create a personal and individual watch was our mainspring,” says René Kantehm. Since then everything revolves around the individual clock with a lot of passion and attention to detail.

All watch parts are manufactured in Germany and Switzerland. “It was important to us that every component was manufactured by experienced manufacturers. Whether the movement, the casing, the crown or the bracelet. Each watch is only as good as its worst component, “explains company owner Kantehm. This is why traditional and experienced partners ensure high quality standards.

Master watchmaker and partner Reinhold Flüthe are responsible for the production of the Watch. He and his watchmaker team are already manufacturing watches in the fifth generation of families. “Already my great Franz Flüthe made the first fashion pocket watches for watch lovers in the year 1859. We would also like to offer this tradition online with Dürmeister, “says Reinhold Flüthe not without pride.

Hand-Refined Movement uniques

Here the refinement of the movement plays a central role in the individual watch. Due to the craftsmanship of the movement, each watch becomes a unique specimen and through a floor made of sapphire crystal it is always nice to look at.

Timeless Watch Design

The basic design of the Dürmeister watches was developed by a renowned German design agency. In its 30-year history, more than 40 products were awarded with national and international prizes such as the If award, red dot, design plus or good design. ” In its simple elegance, every Dürmeister watch is reduced to the essentials and timeless beautiful. Our design team has implemented this in a great manner, “explains Kantehm.

Individual watch uniques from 1,500 euro

One of the first buyers was Dr. Andreas Röpke from Aachen. “I was skeptical. Another watch brand on the market. And then even design it yourself? But when I had overcome the inhibition threshold, I did not let go. The Uhrenkonfigurator with the 3d view (link: our site /konfigurator/meine-uhr) shows me very well how my watch will look later. And I have discovered the love for every Uhrenteil for me. I felt like a real watch designer and proudly wore my personal watch. ”

The production time of the personal watch is about eight weeks. “The exclusivity with a production of up to 900 watches a year is very important to us. After completion, the watch is either insured to the customer or you can also pick up his watch in person in the Münsterland Telgte and visit the watchmaker’s workshop, “stresses Kantehm.

The Dürmeister uniques start at a price of 1,500 euro and, depending on the degree of processing, the individual watches can cost up to 2,200 euros. “We will be happy to assist you with your personal watch. Call us at 02822–91 48 175, write us an email at our site or visit us personally. ”

For Watchtime readers, we have devised something special. Any interested person who wishes to have his personal watch finished this year will receive a noble ballpoint pen Silver Line of the Senator brand, also made in Germany and on request with individual engraving.

Simply enter the keyword “Watchtime” when ordering.

For more information, please visit our site and see our site /Duermeister/

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