Emerald Green 2013 Fashion

Green! The Pantone said, I swear! The Emerald Green, precisely, will be the color of the year for this 2013. Last year was the Tangerine Tango, do you remember? This year, Pantone it takes in pixie mode and then green. My Giova it will be happy, it’s her favorite color and when we go shopping together (ie almost never) always points to the few green heads. But, following the dictum “Those of green dresses in her beauty trusts” I never say never bought something green (at least since I can remember!). In short, the green is not one of those colors that this is super in my closet. In these months I have been tempted by MOOLTO military green (makes text?) And then, a coat with toggles and a pair of military print trousers in shades of green are entered behind my doors. But neither they nor pure green emerald green are in my closet. Urge remedy!But no fear, you bet that soon the stores will be filled with this shade? Beautiful, yes, but some care is a must! Here is some advice for the pairings!


Let’s start off with a positive aspect, before speaking of the pros and cons of wearing green: green is said to have the ability to relax and promote calm and then grab a point in his favor.

However, if in the light tones is fine practically all, many of the other brighter shades are best for women with hair color pretty switched on and not too white or sallow skin. These problems can be partially overcome with the right color combinations: Perfect if combined with the brown (top shades mud). Ok also with black or in total look with accessories (shoes and bags) gray. And to you, like this color?