Enamels to Paint Nails

Enamels to paint fingernails. In any event we must look fantastic so everyone be surprised. For that, we need to choose the best dresses or clothing to feel beautiful and celebrate with all parties showing us.

If you want to have the elegance and style into your look, I recommend you to incorporate garments or details that are in typical colours for the occasion as silver or red. This can also make it with accessories. For example; nail enamels are ideal to wear nails, elegant, modern and with much elegance.

Then I mention the nail polish more used and recommended to the parties that submitted this year:

Toggle to the top of Essie. The typical tone of many parties is the red color and its shades. And with this glaze it embroidered with brightness of Essie, will you give your nails a touch of gnamour. The toggle to the top of Essie is very fun, elegant and original is perfect for the holidays this year.

Le Givenchy Vernis. Believe it or not, the golden color is which sets trend in glazes to paint the nails, is also a highly recommended and perfect color for elegant parties. Besides being sophisticated and elegant, the nail polish n ° 14 Le Vernis Givenchy is a perfect choice.

Illamasqua Blizzard. Another key aspect of the celebrations is the snow, especially if Christmas is celebrated in a climate of winter. Whether it’s warm or cold climates, you may symbolize with this glaze of illamasqua Christmas provided it is silvery with white snowflakes.

Nails Inc of Snowflake. This glaze is also original and elegant, especially if it has an effect of snowflakes. This type of enamel not only represents the glamour, but it also looks elegant and you can combine two different shades and types of clothing.

Rouge Chanel Rubis. In the vast majority of parties should never miss the classic red and it would be better to use it on your nails. With this glaze will achieve represent the parties with fabulous and beautiful nails. It is a perfect look for Christmas lunch or for Christmas Eve.

Illamasqua Swarm. If you want something more classic that is not very festive parties, I therefore advise you to opt for the black enamel with glitters of illamasqua. This glaze is appropriate to create a feminine, glamorous and elegant look.

Tips for choosing the look for the labour party

-Do not make the mistake of wearing clothing that is very revealing. The transparencies are fashionable, but to avoid them and you also have to avoid the very tight clothing.

-If the Christmas Party held on the day, never use too casual. Put aside the canvas jeans, athletic shoes and prints animal print.

-Use colors that are out of season, that way will look festive and very sophisticated. For example; You can use black skirts with red blouses, dresses of red and other; You can even dress up in neutral tones and use the colors of the season on accessories.

-Don’t forget the accessories. Use long earrings with stones and pearl necklaces. These accessories will help you create a party and different look.