Essential Pregnancy Garment

This is a moment that I want to write about this because if I had known, I would have saved some money.

What is the essential garment while pregnant?

While pregnant we do not know how to dress according to the season, you have to cover and keep her stomach warm. Chabichou was born in May, so I spent a winter pregnancy and frankly if you need to invest in clothes I advise you: LEGGING PREGNANCY.

Already it is super comfortable, it goes with practically everything, no worries for the job because it works well with a dress, a tunic, a little long shirt, a cardigan wrap over…

From when ?

The advantage of legging unlike other pregnancy pants: pregnancy jeans and other clothing pregnancy can put as soon as one learns that is pregnant. I bought jeans and a slim waist with the pregnancy but unfortunately before the 5-6 th month, I lost because I did not have enough stomach to support him.

Which size?

Personally, I bought 3 leggings pregnant. I took my height and it was great until the 7th month of pregnancy, then I felt too tight (I must say that I can not stand even without being pregnant to have too tight belly).

Anyway, I think for the last month, the belly is so big that is really good in loose clothing. My sister in law had lent me the “Jogging” finally maternity pants purchased from kiabi and it was my buddies the last 2 months of pregnancy and also after 2.

What is the price?

I bought maternity panties at Kiabi for less than 10 euros. See more on

Why this is the essential garment?

Already as I said above, it can be put like winter, it goes everywhere and with everything. And even after giving birth, I put it with pleasure because it does not serve the belly . So for me it is an investment that pays off because we do not only put during pregnancy.