Essentials of the Pregnancy Wardrobe

If there is one thing that all mothers dread, it is the way they will be able to dress in pregnancy. Regardless of our size, style or our habits, it is never easy to deal with the physical changes that accompany this “wonderful” time  I had the chance to spend much of my pregnancy the Antilles, and two months in winter and in France.Suddenly, I experienced different situations, and I suggest you tour the must-have of the wardrobe of a future mom:

1 / When the baby is expected in summer:

As I said above, I spent most of my pregnancy in the sun, and it was not necessarily easier to find suitable maternity wear. I opted for some essential parts, I was mixing according to my mood and the situation of the day:

Side tops:

-Easily Flowing blouses and may have a side “dressed” (long live the accessories), I had 4.

-Dockers ultra comfortable cotton and soft, I was 7 or 8:

For the bottom:

-A Cargo style pants with seatbelt, again for the comfort side + chic when paired with a blouse. I had a beige and black.

-A skirt in pregnancy jeans: perfect for evenings out when it is hot and we are too tired legs to support the pants.

-A Linen dress or enough fluid and responsive, that is comfortable enough in the chest, and easy to close even the last month (avoid zippers for example …)

2 / When the expected baby in Winter:

For this second part, I must make a clarification: I returned Caribbean in Métropole when I started my eighth month of pregnancy.     So I REALLY need warm clothes (30 degrees away, it was not terrible), but above all very comfortable (the move to 8 months, it’s nice!)   And for this last quarter, my outfit favorite was the tunic – leggings!

3 / Multi-Seasons of pregnancy basics:

– Jeans pregnancy :

Finally, I would say, pregnancy jeans, because your comfort during those nine months deserves to have two…  Moreover, it is sometimes difficult to find happiness next sweaters or leggings, I rather remember to hesitate long in the radius of mothers jeans as there were choices:

 -The collection of underwear pregnancy:

For the record, I received my first maternity underwear only in the second month … of course, I wanted to try them. I laughed in saying that never, ever I could fill them. I laughed less when I could not do without me! You can find all colors, with messages or fun patterns … Some even answer questions you hear tirelessly during pregnancy, “it’s a boy”, “no we do not touch” is for April “… Whatever you choose, I recommend you have at least 5 or 6, because from the 6th month, you will really enjoy wearing.

I selected these articles and the different looks on the website Spirit  , which I find the future mom collection both casual and chic (the images of the article whose credit is not stated are from this site) To Swiss readers, you can also retourver these items on the dedicated website here  I hope these tips will help you prepare for your pregnancy wardrobe, and feel free to send me your ideas / tips, and clothing pregnancy that you have the most used! soon on the blog Moms Who Ripped! MamQuiDéchire