Expansion of Bike Lanes Makes Demand for Bicycles Almost Double

Variation in price can reach 66% and the ranking of the most sought includes models that cost from r $ 259.00 to r $ 3,999.00.

With the popularization of bicycle lanes, São Paulo residents are increasingly interested in joining bicycles as a means of transportation and as a leisure option. A survey by Zoom, website comparator of prices and products, reveals that demand for the product grew 42% compared to the first half of the previous year. The most sought after model today is the  bike Mountain Bike Gonew 21 Marchas Aro 29 Front Suspension Endorphine 6.3 Disc Brake , which costs R $ 1,299.00. Following is a more sophisticated model: the  bicycle Mountain Bike Caloi 30 Marchas Aro 29 Front Suspension Elite Disc Brake 30 , in the amount of R $ 3,999.90 and that varies in price by up to 32.5%. In the third position, a much cheaper option appears. The  bike Mountain Bike Caloi 21 Marchas Aro 26 Front Suspension Brake V-Brake Andes  can be found for R $474.80 and it varies in price by 26%.

The price of bicycles can go from $ 259, as is the case of the  bike Colli Bikes 18 Marchas Aro 26 Brake V-Brake CBX 750  up to almost $ 4,000, as the runner-up in the ranking of the most wanted. Another important factor is to research prices well before buying, as some models have a price variation of up to 66%. In addition, it is very important that the consumer assesses their need and defines the purpose for which they will use. This will make it easier to choose the model, make, the number of gears, the material and the type of suspension.

“Regardless of using the bicycle as a means of transport or for sports, it is essential to use safety accessories,” explains Paulo Guedes, product specialist at Zoom. “The bell, the flags and mirrors are mandatory items by Law, but there are others that are not in the Traffic Code, but safety equipment are essential to ensure the safety of bike cyclists, such as goggles, helmets, gloves and shoes with appropriate soles for That the feet do not slip on the pedals, “recommends Guedes.

In São Paulo, people are adopting bikes to escape from traffic and also to insert the practice of a physical activity in their daily life. In the last two years, the bicycle lanes have occupied 265 kilometers and by the end of next year the city has estimated that they reach 400 kilometers. In recent years, there has been a steady decline in bicycle sales, but with this change in behavior, the industry is betting that the situation will soon be reversed.

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